On behalf of the Children's Ministry Team at our church, I would like to express our absolute amazement at the success of Warrior Camp 2009.  God has gifted Derek with an awesome vision and is using he and his team to reach young men for Christ in 'epic' ways. The boys at our church experienced God in a whole new way during Warrior Camp and have continued to talk about their day as warriors all year long.  I have had parents as early as December asking for the next camp dates so that they can plan their summer vacations accordingly....younger brothers are already anticipating their 'right of passage' into Warrior Camp...Sunday School teachers are STILL using the things they learned at camp as follow members have committed ahead of time to sponsoring boys financially so that the kids don't have to pay out of pocket for anything!  These are just a few of the ways that our families have shown their support and enthusiasm for this camp.

If you are a parent considering Warrior Camp for your son, I would strongly encourage you to send not only your own kid, but as many boys as you can send. They will learn what it means to be a warrior for Christ and how to be the man that God has called them to be.  Their lives will be changed...and they'll have a whole lot of crazy fun along the way!


If you are a youth director considering hosting Warrior Camp, quit thinking about it and get it on your calendar!  It just might be the best thing you've planned yet! Derek has an incredible gift of organization.  He will do everything he can to make this camp easy for you to host.  He will make sure that every detail is covered...guaranteed!


We had the privilege of keeping Derek and his team in our home during camp.  Never have I met a group of young men so on fire for the Lord and for an event such as this.  The amount of prayer time and work put into making this camp a success was very evident.  


Warrior Camp has already become the highlight of our year and an anticipated summer tradition.  As long as Warrior Camp has a travel team, we'll have them in Grandview!


Sarah Schmahl

Director of Children's Ministries

Grandview Church of the Nazarene

Grandview, WA




    My name is Todd and I am the Youth Pastor in Nampa Idaho.  Our church was able to be a part of the initial Warrior camp.  Although I was personally not able to attend we sent several other youth workers along with some of our teenage boys to participate in this event.  The all day warrior camp challenged our young men to be who God has called them to be scripturally and physically using their minds, hearts and muscles.  I heard story after story of the crazy games that were played and I have to admit that Derek has to be one of the most creative individuals I have ever come across.  Derek Loves the Lord and God has given him a gift to minister in this unique warrior camp.  I am a natural skeptic (not a spiritual gift) and always believe that the proof of any activity is apparent in the result.  I seriously believe that lives were changed and that God worked through this camp.  I will never forget that a teenager named Robert who has a horrible home life was challenged that day and gave his life to Jesus Christ.  I personally want to participate with others who have a passion for the lost and will do anything for Jesus and I believe that this warrior camp meets all of that criteria.  I would encourage any youth pastor to get involved with this life changing camp.  I don’t know about you but I run out of creative ideas and this is a creative way to reach out in the love of Christ and the Truth of His word.


Pastor Todd

Bethel Nazarene

Nampa, Idaho

(208) 466-6344



To whom It Concerns,


     I would like to recommend Derek Bartlow to you as a leader and a ‘man after God’s own heart’. Derek is a creative and resourceful person with a wealth of ideas and tools to serve and teach others about the Lord. Having worked with Derek minister for two summers as a youth pastor intern with me was a great blessing. Derek connects well with teens and has a winsome manner of always encouraging them to believe in themselves as they believe in God. He is a good discipler of young men. His laugh is spontaneous and free.  His wit comes from a ‘love of life’ that challenges others to think ‘outside the box’ with him. Derek especially has an interest in helping young men be men of integrity and purposeful action. Living well always includes recognition of the incredible world we live in, but always with a deeper appreciation for the God who ‘does it all’. Spend some time with Derek and you will see that he really is a ‘man after God’s heart”.


Jim Franklin

Associate Pastor

Bethel Church of the Nazarene

Nampa, Idaho



At each Warrior Camp, we want feedback, and we know you probably are interested in learning more too.  This is NOT about self-promotion or reducing ministry to numbers.  However, we want to give you some feedback and short testimonies from our Warriors.  We're proud of them, and here's what they said:



(Not all Warriors submitted a survey.  Therefore %'s are calculated from the total number of surveys received).


1.  What did you think of Warrior Camp?

Ok          Cool          Great          Awesome (100%)


2.  Would I come again?

Yes (100%)          No


3.  Would I recommend Warrior Camp to a friend?

Yes (100%)          No


4.  Was it worth [the cost] to come to Warrior Camp?

Yes (100%)          No


5.  What was your favorite game?

Gladiator (25%)

Capture the Flag (37.5%)

Sword-Team Slayer (37.5%)


6.  What was your favorite rally?

Mighty Men of The Bible (25%)

What a Godly Girl Wants (75%) 


7.  What was your favorite part of Warrior Camp?

"The games."

The sword fighting

"Getting to have fun recording and playing."


"The big fites."


"Making swords."


8.  What did I learn about God, manhood, etc...

"He's Awesomer."


"Do something with your life.  Be bold.  - Lookadoo."

"That I should stand up."

"I learned too much to talk about."


"God wants me to be a man."


9.  Did I grow spiritually?

Yes (100%)          No


10.  How did I grow spiritually?

"I have my own kingdom."

"Through the teaching and lesson."

"Learning more of what God wants of me."

"Trusting God more."

"I trust God more."

"I opened up to people."

"God wants me to be a man."


11.  What would you like to see added to or changed about Warrior Camp?




12.  How can Warrior Camp get better?

"Can't think of anything at [the] moment."

"I have no idea."

"It can't."

"5 days long."