"Without Vision, The People Perish." - King Solomon


1.  The Problem

Johnny is a young man.  God made Johnny with a masculinity that God considers powerful, dynamic, good and strong.  However, Johnny is about to graduate into manhood.  The sad news is that he has not been initiated.  To make matters worse, he's had a hard time finding clear tracks worth following.  Johnny has been taught that the benchmark of his journey with Christ is to be a good boy who sits up straight in church and folds his hands.  Before long, Johnny doesn't know what to do with with his boyish desire for fun and adventure.  Soon he figures that church is boring and God isn't much better.          


2.  The Solution

Pete is in his twenties.  He is a man of integrity, enthusiasm, adventure and passion for God.  Pete loves hanging out with fellow brothers in Christ, and mentoring them in high-impact relationships.  He also loves to play games, have fun, encourage youth unto genuine spiritual growth, and exemplify the authentic Christian life.  When Pete meets Johnny at Warrior Camp, Johnny is excited about the new thing God is about to do in his life.   


3.  The Reason Something Must Be Done

Wow.  Good question.  But I think the answer is staring us in the face.  Christ entrusted us with the Great Commission.  This includes discipling others.  And discipleship of young men is a lost art.  There's almost no injection of authentic Christian manhood coming into a teen's mind and heart today.  TV doesn't have it.  Magazines don't have it.  Itunes doesn't have it.  Sadly, many churches don't even have it.  Leadership, integrity, character, staying power, Biblical masculinity, purity, a growing relationship with Christ, being a man after God's own heart...I think many young men want to know, feel and live this stuff out, but don't know where to feast.  They're mostly left to figure this out for themselves, even though this vital area of their life beats at the heart of what God made them for.  What they need is some direction, encouragement and to see that it can be done.  On top of all that, what happens to Johnny's future wife and kids if he's never trained as a young man?  They're gonna suffer too, and the effects ripple out like waves on pond.  Let me say this: God intended Johnny's dad to train him up into manhood.  But some sons don't have dads, or maybe some dads weren't trained themselves.  Either way, as followers of Christ, we're all apart of God's family now, and Warrior Camp aims to be a fun and memorable experience that can help direct youth to live the call to be radical young men of God.


4.  The Reason Something Must Be Done Now

God.  Command. Great Commission.  Right-ness.  Vision.  Desire.  Love.  Pressing need among youth.  Ability.  Prayer.  Team.  Land.  Opportunity.  A God Ordained First Run.  Partnerships.  Divine Orchestration.  Holy Spirit.  God's power.  Limited Time on Earth.  Yeah, that's a go.




"The soul never thinks without a picture." 

- Aristotle


"A vision we give to others of who and what they could become has power when it echoes what the spirit has already spoken into their souls." 

- Larry Crabb


"Treat people as if they were what they ought to be, and you help them become what they are capable of becoming." 

- Goethe



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