"Regard thy high definition which God hath entrusted thee, 

or be defined the lesser by the pagan and cowardly world."

-  Bellatores, The Undaunted


  A Warrior does not just go with the flow.  Instead, a Warrior is a tower of strength and Godly righteousness, even when everything else is crumbling around him.  A Warrior is loyal to his King.  

  A Warrior does not live with his head in the sand.  Instead, a Warrior has a finely tuned evil-radar.  A Warrior has eyes like an eagle for detecting evil, he knows what is going on in the world around him and what his part is.  – I Chronicles 12:32 (and surrounding)

  A Warrior is not wishy-washy, bribe-able, or confused.  Instead, a Warrior has strong, Godly convictions about what is right and what is wrong.  These convictions penetrate a Warrior to his core.

  A Warrior is not a coward.  Instead, when a Warrior sees evil, he goes to war against it, and does not let it have a foothold in His world.

  A Warrior is not an Atheist.  Instead, a Warrior knows that if he will be victorious against the big enemy of evil, he will need God’s help.  A Warrior loves God very much, and depends upon Him for his strength and courage.

  A Warrior does not bite his nails and get panicky or nervous.  A Warrior is not afraid to show emotion, and reminds himself that he worships and serve a God who is King of Kings and bigger than anything in this world.  A Warrior is strong and stable because his God is strong and stable.

  Even though a Warrior is brave, he is not like a bomb that destroys everything around him.  Instead, a Warrior has something precious in this world that he loves very much and aggressively protects.  This includes his friends, family, and future wife and children.  A Warrior brings faith, love, strength, goodness, beauty and laughter into the Kingdoms that are under his control.
– Judges 3:11, 30, 31, 5:31, 8:28.