Target Demographic:

Young men in Junior High and Highschool.  (Princess Camp for girls is currently being explored).



Admission to Warrior Camp = $35-55 (depending on the size of your group) for the day-long blitz.  Hope to see you there! 



Whether you're planning a youth retreat or run a youth center, the Warrior Camp team is eager and ready to help customize Warrior Camp just for you and your particular venue.  Just email us: warriorcamp1@yahoo.com


Rally Themes

Biblical Masculinity, Medieval, Warrior, Lord of the Rings, Narnia, Girls, Spiritual Depth and Leadership, Chivalry, Character, Integrity, Passion for God, Wild at Heart, Warrior Camp's Customized Blend, Youth Worker's Selected Blend.


Game Themes:

Medieval, Military, American Gladiators, Scottish Highland Games, World's Strongest Man, Warrior Camp's Customized Blend, Youth Worker's Selected Blend.


Weapon Workshops and Man-Crafts:

Sword, Blow Gun, Hand Sling, Thracian Staff Sling. (Taken home by each Warrior as an initiation souvenir).


Philosophy of Ministry:

High impact camping ministry fuses dynamic game programming with awesome God time in a creative synergy where fun and adventure enhance the presentation, reception and application of God's Truth for students.  Warrior Camp aggressively seeks to create a God-soaked, spiritually monumental, adrenaline-filled and fantastic experience which youth will never forget.



Warrior Camp Blitz (One youth group.  One full, action-packed day - You WILL be tired!  Blitz = currently available).

Warrior Camp Throw-Down (One full and frenzied day.  Youth Group Vs. Youth Group.  Throw-Down = currently available.  And you thought competition was of the devil!).   

Warrior Camp Weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday.  Sunday optional.  Weekend version coming soon).



Warrior Camp eagerly partners with interested youth workers and their leadership team in order to have high impact ministry to youth.  Warrior Camp is capable of being entirely mobile and can meet youth groups at qualifying area parks and camp grounds, bringing both the signature games and youth talks (i.e. Rallies).


Special Venue:

Warrior Camp is also able to put on a special, full-day event at interested, existing youth camps (especially those who want to inject some additional nos into their already stellar programming machine).


Special Feature

The Warrior Camp Throw-Down is prepared to host simultaneous youth groups from different churches who will meet/interact with new peers and compete against each other in the most intense way imaginable.  (Warning: this is not a tea party for the faint of heart.  So hit the weight room, watch a 300 battle, and get ready to win or lose!)



Depending on the current location of leaders, Warrior Camp is available both in the Northwest and on the East Coast, especially in those areas in or near Idaho and Virginia.





Stay True and God bless!

Derek Bartlow