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Hey.  Random question. 

What are your favorite movies of all time?  Braveheart?  Gladiator?  Lord of the Rings?  Cool.  Now what if you could actually be the warrior and experience the stuff you dream about?  Weapons, battle-games, and the most sweat-pumping competition on the planet. Plus hard-core training in Christ that you'll never forget.  Sound legit?  Good.  It's your lucky day!

Warrior in the sweet Northwest!


The Weapon Workshop

First, the Warrior (i.e. Camper) starts the day in an apprenticeship and is guided by the "Blacksmiths" in his construction of a Warrior Camp Signature Man-Craft.  Man-Crafts include: Medieval Broad Sword, Warrior1 Blow-gun, Viking Catapult, and the Davidic hand-sling that killed Goliath.*  The Warrior will use his weapon in the Battle-Games to come, and will take it home as a souvenir commemorating his passage through Warrior Camp.  (Note to Moms: Don't worry.  The Man-Crafts are awesome, and they will NOT kill your young Warrior!).


Scottish Highland Game Tournament

Next: In ancient Scotland, a King of old once discovered his need for strong, able-bodied messengers to carry his decrees throughout the realm.  In order to find the best messengers, the King created the Scottish Highland Games.  The victors would become the royal couriers to the throne.  After completing their apprenticeship in the Weapon Workshop, Warriors will compete against each other in a testosterone-packed series of these ancient Scottish Highland Games.  To the winners go the spoils!


Weapons Training

Immediately following the Highland Games is the signature Weapons Training Course.  This foundational aspect of Warrior Camp hearkens back to one of the most ancient practices from Medieval times and before.  Here, Warriors hone their skills with their weapon as they are taught proper defense, offense and combinations by the Elite Battle Chiefs.  Their skills will be put to the test in the Battle-Games to come!
Let the battle begin!
Think epic games of Team Slayer, Capture the Flag and King of the Hill...amped up with Swords or Blow Guns! 
The "Pirate's Crucible" will put your sea-legs to the test in the ultimate saga to dominate the "Ocean".
Distinguish yourself in the signature "Warrior's Tournament" where you'll go one-on-one across 9 different challenges.
Level your enemy's fortress in "Kingdom Under Fire," where teams race against each other to destroy their opponent's castle with long-range Uber Launchers.
Think you've played "Cops and Robbers" before?  Not this version! 
"D-DAY INVASION" will pit Germans vs. Allies in a sweaty showdown in water and on land for control of the entrenched beaches at "Normandy". 
Ready for this?  The "Gauntlet" will test your sheer will-power as you race through a grueling battery of insane obstacles for the fastest team time...all while taking enemy fire.  (Better bring some Nos!)
At the end of the day, whose flag will fly high?  MAN UP WARRIORS!  THE BATTLE-HORN IS SOUNDING!



And guess what?  There are Warriors throughout the Bible too, and they loved God awesomely as their King.  These men were heroes who had mad skills, swords, spears, slings, and who knew how to use them.  They fought against evil, knew what was true and right, and loved God awesomely.  Judges 1-6 even talks about the special ops of Israel, and reads alot like the movie Braveheart.  Joshua became a great leader who stepped up, led millions to follow God, and helped spearhead God's purpose for a whole nation.  Gideon had his own version of 300.  Joseph fought hard for his integrity and won.  Other heroes would sooner become toast than worship an idol and bail out on God.  One loved talking to God so much that not even big hungry lions could change him.  Ephesians 6 talks about pieces of armor that warriors put on themselves throughout history, and the cool thing is that God gives us a suit of armor forged in heaven to protect us from our enemy.  Peter and Paul were champions for Christ who spread the gospel and paid the extreme sacrifice.  Christ is the ultimate Champion...not even a cruel execution by the powerful Romans could keep Him in the cemetery.  He rose from the dead and showed Himself to be Supreme over all.  I don't know about you, but that makes me want to be a champion for Christ. 

Check this out: We're men, and men have big hearts that were made to be heroic, to tackle big stuff, pursue adventure, conquer, to have fun, and to be wild at heart.  Don't ever apologize for it.  The devil didn't create that.  God did.  So celebrate it as a part of your journey with an awesome God.

Knighthood Ceremony

Go out with a bang!  Finally, to wrap up Warrior Camp in true form, Warriors are honored for their achievement in an authentic knighthood ceremony.  The Warrior kneels before being knighted and dubbed with a real sword by the King in genuine medieval fashion.  Just as knights were accountable to a higher King in Medieval times, Warriors are accountable to Christ.  This is the final rite of passage that applauds each Warrior's completion of Warrior Camp.  The Warrior is thus challenged to apply their spiritual growth and to emerge as a freshly encouraged champion for Christ in their world. 

Congratulations Warrior!  You've been initiated!



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How To Be A Good King
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*Davidic Hand Slings will not be used in the Battle Games, because they just require way too much practice!  However, they will be taken home as a fully functional souvenir with which Warrior's can practice given their parent's permission.  Have fun!