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"The physical changes you see in yourself and others is unparalleled. It is the internal changes, however, that slap you in the face the most. When you look into someone’s eyes and see their very soul change in 4 1/2 days, that’s amazing!"
Tom Welling

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Nakoda Lodge, Morely Alberta

The traditional, rustic guest lodge has 50 intimate bedrooms. Which includes spacious and tastefully decorated executive suites, with fireplaces and Jacuzzi's.
You can relax and unwind in the swimming pool, sauna or Jacuzzi, or enjoy a variety of activities from hiking and fishing to cultural shows.

Nakoda Lodge's first-class facilities are the perfect spot for business. The Lodge's conference centre and meeting rooms can host groups up to 250 people. Nakoda Lodge's conference and meeting facilities are up to date while providing a unique experience in conferencing.

Nakoda Lodge is nestled among the foothills of the Canadian Rockies. You can contact us at:

Nakoda Lodge & Conference Centre
Box 149, Morley, Alberta, Canada
T0L 1N0

General Reservations: 403.881.3949
Sales and Marketing: 403.881.0019

Glacier Valley Farm, Squamish British Columbia

Your view every morning after waking up at Glacier Valley Farm in Squamish, British Columbia, site of Warrior Camp

Address of Glacier Valley Farm:
Mile 16.5 Box 30
Brackendale , British Columbia
Canada, V0N 1H0
(604) 898-2810

Highland Springs Resort, Beaumont California


Perched on the edge of 900 acres and National Forest Land, wildlife share our view and see Highland Springs as a sanctuary. From the elusive coyote and the quick bobcat to the family of bears that enjoy our cool ponds in the middle of the hot summers, there are always animals to observe. Up in the hills you will see red-tailed hawks circling overhead and a small herd of deer nibbling on the grasses the chaparral environment has to offer. Rabbits and grey squirrels are always about, hiding amongst the leaves of the trees and shrubs. We have our own aviary, a small collection of peacocks, geese, rabbits and pigeons, as well as horses and ostriches. Wildlife at Highland Springs Resort is simply amazing.

We offer a swimming pool, men's and women's dry saunas, a large jacuzzi and soothing massages (reservation required).

Our fully equipped fitness facility offers a full range of equipment, including stationary bicycles, treadmill, stair step machines and free weights.

Highland Springs Resort
10600 Highland Springs Ave.
Beaumont, CA 92223
951-845-1151 Ext. 181


warrior camp

Warrior Camp

For many, life has become more about what they can't do rather than what they can do. The truth, however, is that you are far greater than you 'think' and have truly amazing potential.

Warrior Camp
the training camp for your life

Peak Potentials Warrior Camp allows you to tap into that part of yourself that will become your greatest ally.  That part of you that will do whatever it takes.

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