Warrior Camp Day 3

I was shy, hardly spoke to anyone, terrified of rejection, and always hiding behind my husband. When I got back from Warrior Camp, in the middle of a company meeting, in front of 80 people, I actually volunteered to do a speech. I was scared to death. But using what I learned at "camp" I not only did it, I got a standing ovation. Believe it or not, I've now been promoted and am training other managers. Warrior camp changed my entire life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  - Janina Wilcynski, Coquitiam, BC

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Warrior Camp Day 3 was truely personally powerful.  The morning session allowed me to take total control of my personal power.  Release of some very negative energy was done in an amazingly enlightened way.  It's one of my personal favorite days at Warrior Camp now that I facilitate at the event. 

Myself, Wanda and Stacy
Warrior Camp Students

 Participants are allowed to release negative energy through a very special process with the help of everyone at Warrior Camp.  The things we've been keeping inside for so many years are finally brought up, released and let go of.  I saw many incredible changes by people that day, and continue to do so on Day 3 of Warrior Camp.  It's kind of funny trying to explain the process without giving it away, but if you've been to Warrior Camp yourself, you know what I mean.

The things people do to each other astound me.  That plus the fact that we take so much personally also astounds me.  If you haven't read the book "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruez, then you must do so now.  A good part of Warrior Camp is based on principles in this life changing book.  I hadn't even bought it until just last month, 5 years after Warrior Camp, but when I did, I read it while sitting in my car at the bookstore parking lot.  My girlfriend had re-read it, and I wanted to be on exactly the same page as her, so I bought it and read it myself.

After lunch, the afternoon event changed my life.  My tent mate and I were partners in the event at at the end, I broke down and cried.  I saw so many other people sharing how exciting the event was, and how it impacted theirs and other Warrior Camp students lives.  I had a different experience in which I felt totally selfish.  I learned a lot about myself this day and now facilitate the same event every year for many weeks at a time because of the impact it had on me.

Michelle Dohaney and Beau

Michelle Dohaney was another student at my Warrior Camp.  Michelle has since gone on to be involved in Peak Potentials as office staff, but has left that position to study wine making.  She now leads the Warrior Camps as Logistic Supervisior with her current boyfriend Scott.  Not only is she a powerful leader, she radiates femininity, joy and personal perfection.  I am not only proud to know her, but also to work with her and to have had her as my Warrior Camp fellow student.

Day 3 of Warrior Camp ended with an evening event that I still have trouble believing happened.  I have gone on to participate in it many times since at many other Warrior Camps.  I see people make the most positive changes in their lives this Day 3 evening.  They take a stand, they let go of negative habits and step towards making a positive change in their lives from this point forward.  Truely life changing.

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Warrior Camp

For many, life has become more about what they can't do rather than what they can do. The truth, however, is that you are far greater than you 'think' and have truly amazing potential.

Warrior Camp
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Peak Potentials Warrior Camp allows you to tap into that part of yourself that will become your greatest ally.  That part of you that will do whatever it takes.

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