Warrior Camp Day 1

Warrior Camp was a turning point for me. For the first time I was able to accept myself fully and not give a shit about what anybody else thought! What an incredibly freeing experience.
- Walter Scodellaro, Weston, ON

Warrior Camp

Warrior Camp Day 1

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Warrior Camp began early in the morning and it was a chance to begin making friendships with many new people.  Our Camp had about 200 people in it and one of my first new friends was Thundering Bull.  A very wise fellow with a lot of heart.

Thundering Bull and White Bear

After our morning session and breakfast, we went straight into some Warrior Principles to be used throughout the day and week.  I found it a very good idea to keep notes as I refer to them often.  The principles I learned at Warrior Camp have served me well over the years since and take me to new heights in business, my personal life, my love life and helped me achieve many goals in health and fitness.

We learned that what we were doing at Warrior Camp was to be kept in the strictest of confidence.  Not only were we to keep our events quiet from other participants, but also swore an oath of confidentiality after leaving Warrior Camp so as to keep the experience unique and fresh for anyone else who was to attend.

It is my firm belief that EVERYONE must attend Warrior Camp and in holding that belief, I honor my commitment to silence about the events and also because of what I learned and now practice "MY WORD IS LAW".

After a morning data session, we had lunch and then headed out to our afternoon "event".  The day was very full and lead by some very capable leaders / facilitators.  We had an opportunity to put into practice the principles we learned in the morning in a real life sense.  They became cellularly embedded in me.  The afternoon event was a metophor for my life.  What came up for me in the event and how I reacted to it was how I would or do react in life.  I was given the opportunity to reframe my reactions with some new lessons.  What a miracle.

After dinner, more activities ensued and more friends were made.  This first day was easily worth the price of admission.

How could it possibly get any better?

Warrior Camp Day 2

warrior camp

Warrior Camp

For many, life has become more about what they can't do rather than what they can do. The truth, however, is that you are far greater than you 'think' and have truly amazing potential.

Warrior Camp
the training camp for your life

Peak Potentials Warrior Camp allows you to tap into that part of yourself that will become your greatest ally.  That part of you that will do whatever it takes.

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