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Warrior Camp is an inner 'strengthening'. It allows you to reach your Peak Potentials. It is an opportunity for you to see yourself in an entirely new light - to meet the absolute best of yourself. Warrior Camp is truly transformational and can be applied to all aspects of your everyday life.

Warrior Camp

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I'm often asked "what happened to you in 2001?" and my response is always "Warrior Camp".

I had been leading a very active life, building my business, working on my health and fitness and then making a switch to developing my wealth and streams of passive income.  It was Warrior Camp that took my goals and intentions to the next level.

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After attending Peak Potentials Millionaire Mind Intensive in 2001, I was stunned by the amount of people that were all looking for other streams of income as well as ways to develop a better financial picture.  I realized that I was not alone and that there really were people who wanted to be involved in network marketing and MLM opportunities.

I had been building a business very slowly and with a lot of mind frick around the whole Network Marketing thing.  At the MMI, I realized that people really were looking for the opportunity. 

I made the decisions to do something about my business and take it to the next level.  I began to work it a lot more.

While at the Millionaire Mind Intensive, I learned about Warrior Camp.  I was told that I would learn the secrets to being strong and confident, how not to yearn for approval and recognition from others, but to approve of your self.
How to respond to circumstances from choice instead of reacting from past conditioning and how to live with integrity, so that your word is law.  Most importantly, I was to learn how to have the courage to take action in spite of fear, doubt and worry.

Warrior Camp was transformational for me.  I am a big guy, very fit and active and through the many activities held at Warrior Camp, learned the meaning of inner strength, integrity and simply decided that the only thing holding me back was my own limiting beliefs.

I changed how I thought and became a new person, ready to take action on all that I wanted and to create my reality by simply doing it.

In three months, I achieved my new level in my MLM business and took my income from $50 a month to over $5000 a month.  So, when people ask "what the hell happened to you in 2001?" I respond "Warrior Camp".


warrior camp

Warrior Camp

For many, life has become more about what they can't do rather than what they can do. The truth, however, is that you are far greater than you 'think' and have truly amazing potential.

Warrior Camp
the training camp for your life

Peak Potentials Warrior Camp allows you to tap into that part of yourself that will become your greatest ally.  That part of you that will do whatever it takes.

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