Junior Tournament Results 2012

Results of the Warrington Junior Tournament held on Saturday 9th June 2012 at Orford Jubilee Park.

A slideshow of photos from the day can be found at the bottom of this page.

Year 12 Boys Singles

Winner Conor Hutchinson David Lloyd

Runner-up Michael Hawgood Vida

Year 12 Boys Doubles

Winners Michael Hawgood & Conor Hutchinson Vida / David Lloyd

Runners-up Michael Pope & Hamish Essa Vida

Year 10 Boys Singles

Winner Alistair Hawgood Vida

Runner-up Aravind Narayan Vida

Year 10 Boys Doubles

Winners Alistair Hawgood & Aravind Narayan Vida

Runners-up Matthew McIntyre & Chris Pearson Vida

Year 8 Boys Singles

Winner Jake Gardener Vida

Runner-up Cameron Naylor Vida

Year 8 Boys Doubles

Winners Jake Gardener & George Bennett Vida

Runners-up Cameron Naylor & Saul Biggins Vida

Year 6 Boys Singles

Winner Chris Cox Vida

Runner-up Nathan Wilson Vida

Year 6 Boys Doubles

Winners Chris Cox & Nathan Wilson Vida

Runners-up None - winners played in Y8 Round-robin