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I can't believe it's been this long since we updated the webpage. Time really does fly when your kid count doubles. Let's see... Ally is now a week away from 8 months old and Logan turns 3 in a month! Logan is all kid now. He loves to read. He memorizes books we read to him fairly quickly and will "read" them back to us. He knows all his letters upper and lowercase and is starting to tell me the sounds that the letters make such as "L says LLLLLL." His favorite toys are cars and trains. He has all the characters from the movie Cars and a lot the Thomas the Tank Engine characters as well. He could spend all day playing with them. His favorite show on TV is Super Why. It's a show on PBS about SuperHero SuperReaders. They solve problems and save the day by looking into stories for the answers to common problems. He amazes me the most with his memory. He can recall things we have done long after I've forgotten. He also memorizes things that I wouldn't expect. The other day my mom was giving Logan a bath when he asked to play with his 8 (he has these foam bath letters and numbers that are all different colors) so she asked him what color it was to help her find it easier. He answered correctly. When he asked for the next letter she again asked him what color it was and again he answered correctly. Five letters and five correct answers later she let me know what was going on. We proceeded to ask him the color to each letter and number and he knew every single one! We were blown away! 
Ally is growing and changing all the time. She is a very smiley, easy-going baby. She is starting to talk a lot. Her favorite sounds are da, ba and wow. Her newest accomplishment is clapping her hands which she now does pretty much any time I look at her so that I will smile, clap back at her and sing a song about clapping hands. She is so proud of her new skill and so charming that I fall for it every time. Her smile is enough to melt you. The next skill I am trying to tackle is waving. She is starting to get it, but clapping is so new that she really just wants to keep doing that. She also sits on her own without assistance and is starting to get around on her tummy. She can rotate and push herself around and is starting to pull her knees up under her. It's interesting to see the crawling process starting. Logan never did crawl so we never got to see how it develops. She is still toothless and has a beautiful smile. She also has a cheesy gummy smile she does. She squints her eyes and gets her whole face into it. I call it The Cheeser. It is hilarious. It never fails to make me laugh!
We spent this past weekend at the beach in Moclips. We rented a condo on the beach and enjoyed the unusually wonderful weather. Logan didn't like the water so we kept to the sand. It was a blast! We will definitely be going back.
Family Portraits
Playing on the beach with our beach toys 
 Ally stayed in the backpack when we were on the beach for fear she would eat the sand.
Logan standing in the hole Daddy dug.
Daddy and the kiddos
The condos we stayed at border the Pacific Ocean and the Moclips River. Logan really liked throwing rocks into the river. He also liked to tell us how the water in the river was moving towards the ocean.
Everyone watching the kite that Daddy and Logan are flying.
Logan found himself a beach fort and spent some time manning it.
He's a hole standing in, sand digging, sunglass wearing, nose running kind of kid!
Big Brother and Little Sister
Our beautiful Pacific Ocean sunset.
Events and pictures over the past few months...
4-7-10: Logan and Ally loving each other.
4-6-10:  Logan and Naomi riding bikes.
4-1-10: Logan with his beloved trains.
4-1-10: The Cheeser smile. Hilarious!
On Saturday morning we went to the Easter Egg Hunt at Hillcrest Park in Mount Vernon. It is the same one we went to last year. We accidentially missed the 0-2 year old age group so Logan had to go with the 3-4 year olds. He was still able to do well and got 12 eggs all on his own.
 Logan and Mommy discussing strategy
Ready, Set Go - Logan hesitated at first when everyone rushed onto the field but quickly rebound.
 Coming back with his loot.
Logan gets the candy...
...and Ally gets the egg.
Logan and Mommy heading back to the car.
That afternoon we colored Easter Eggs.
Logan in his Easter outfit on Sunday.
Ally in her pretty Easter dress being comforted by Grandma.
More events and pictures over the past few months...
3-28-10:  Ally peeking out of Logan's tent. Jim put her in there as a joke to pretend like she was hiding from us and we couldn't find her. So to play along I started calling her name and every time I said "Ally, where are you?" she would peek out. It was so cute. I think she thought she was pretty clever.
3-8-10:  Logan "reading" his I Spy Letters book to Mommy.
 3-6-10: Ally loves Cheerios! She picked up how to get them in her mouth after only a few feedings.
3-5-10:  Ally really enjoys bath time.
 2-16-10:  Logan wanted Mommy to follow him as he was "walking on the line" at the park.
Logan masters the rock climbing ladder.
The slide is always fun.
"I can get 65 miles to the gallon on this hog."
Logn likes to "climb the mountain" and then jump off. Adrenaline junkie!
2-16-10:  Totally killer sunglasses, dude!
2-16-10:  Ally is 6 months old. She weighs 17 lb, 10 oz and is 26.5 inches long and is in the 75th percentile for height and weight. What a pretty smile!
 2-13-10:  We celebrated Sean and Diane's birthday's. Sean turned 18 and is now a bonafide adult and Diane turned 39. I love this picture. I don't think they could look more like mother and son.
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Tonight we went to the Lights of Christmas out at Warm Beach. It was a lot of fun. They have pretty elaborate light displays that are beautiful. Logan has really been into Christmas lights this year so our visit was a lot of fun. After we looked at the lights and rode the train we had clam chowder followed by hot chocolate in their cafe.
Ally has really taken off over the past month. She is now a couple of weeks away from 4 months old. She is really vocal and talks almost non stop. It's so fun to just sit with her and mimic all the sounds she makes. She, in turn, really likes the interaction and will talk until I am inevitably pulled away by her big brother. She has been trying to sit up in her bouncy chair so we broke out the Bumbo seat and she has been sitting in that quite a bit. It's fun to have her join us for dinner. I can't believe she is already so big. Soon I am going to have to start feeding her solids. I just want to tell her to slow down. Can't she just stay little forever!?!
Ally is sitting up to get her bear.
She caught him and now she is tasting him.
She is in her crib looking at her turtle. It has little fish in it that swim around.
We are sitting together reading one of Logan's Thomas books. Look really closely at Ally's binky. It says "Mute Button."
She is just so pretty. Her eyes are turning blue and her skin has the perfect complexion. Her cheeks always have just a bit of color to them. She already has eyelashes and nicely scultpted eyebrows. She is just a cute little lady. :) 
Logan had his first big accident. On Thanksgiving morning he tripped as he was running toward the coffee table and hit his head on the leg. Our morning was spent at the ER where the doctors were able to glue his forehead back together after sedating him. Though the staff at the hospital were wonderful, the whole experience was awful. As a parent the sedation was almost as bad as the accident itself. It is really hard to see your child laying there completely motionless with all the tubes and monitors. These pictures are not so fun to look at so view with caution.
The entire time we were at the ER, even through the sedation, Logan never let go of his favorite orange car.

 Just thought we'd share a cute picture....

Doesn't this picture look like something you would see on a greeting card?

We couldn't show you a picture like that without showing you a picture like this! Cutie pie!






Halloween this year was a blast! Logan wanted nothing to do with the dalmation costume my mom bought him until we put it on him and practiced trick-or-treating at the house. Jim went in our bedroom and we made Logan knock on the door. When Jim answered Logan would say trick or treat and Jim would give him an M&M. After that he couldn't wait to go. We went with his friends, Gwendolynne and Naomi. They were so cute running from house to house to collect their candy.

I side track to tell you a cute story. The girls wanted to get their faces painted so Logan waited patiently for them to do that. He wanted nothing to do with face painting. As we were getting ready to leave the house, Naomi decided that she didn't want hers on any more so her mom, Sarah, washed it off.  I think Logan decided he was done waiting because he went over to Naomi and said, "Listen to me! I WANT CANDY!!!" (When do you think I should break the news to him that he will probably always be waiting on a woman?)

Logan's Halloween shirt

I thought this shirt summed it up quite nicely.

Our pumpkins - Logan's (Thomas the Tank Engine), Jim's, Renee's (Trick or Treat) & Ally's

Jim gets the cutest pictures of Ally! 

 Gwendolynne is a jellyfish. Logan and Naomi coincidentally were both dalmations. We called them Pongo and Perdy from 101 Dalmations.

My cute kiddos






Welcome to the world Baby Addison! Our friends Russ and Heather just had their second daughter. She joins big sister Olivia.

Ally and Addy 

Logan and Olivia






A couple of days ago we went to the pumpkin patch with Sarah and Naomi. My dad was in town so he went along and took pictures for us. We thought it would be fun to let the kids pick out their own pumpkins and while Naomi was eager to pick hers out, Logan just wanted to throw dirt. Such a boy!







Every year a bunch of Jim's high school friends all get together out on Samish Island for their annual cider press. One of the guys has family property out there that consists of a house, a couple of cabins, a big patio area with a fire pit, a small apple orchard and an excellent view. We pick, wash and cut up the apples before feeding them into the press where they are chopped into small bits and then they are pressed. We then partake in rum and cider beverages, throw ribs on the bar-b-que and have a great time. This year was especially fun because Jim turned 30 on the 15th so we were able to turn it into a surprise birthday party for him as well. The only hitch was the rain, but we threw up a couple of pop up tents and started a fire in the pit. Everyone stayed warm if not dry.


The house

Logan called this the party. It's the patio where we are pressing the apples. Every time we took him in the house he would say he wanted to go back out to the party. He was soaked but was having fun.

The view of Samish Bay from the property.

The cider press.

Daddy and Ally hung out inside most of the day...

...while Mommy and Logan went to the party.

Logan enjoying one of many apples that day

Jim and I are all smiles while Ally's about ready to burst into tears and Logan's going crazy.

Happy 30th Jim! Logan was too busy playing with the balloons to pose.

The next day we had Jim's family over for a birthday celebration and this is how Logan fell asleep while eating his spaghetti.

Just a cute picture of Daddy reading to Logan before bedtime.






Bring on the smiles.....

Pretty baby






Ally is getting a little less stingy with her smiles and I was able to get a small one on film. When she smiles her big smiles, the expression that accompanies it is almost mischievous as though she is sharing a splendid secret with you. I promise to get a picture of a big smile up as soon as I get one.


I swear she is thinking, "I'm not gonna smile, I'm not gonna smile...."

So cute!

This is a new past time of hers. She likes being in the bouncy seat and really gets her hands going at all the toys. It excites her so much that her feet get kicking so pretty soon all her limbs are flailing. It's fun to watch.




So we've been debating over what to do about a stroller for two kids. I decided that I really wanted to be able to get out for walks with the kids so we finally decided to splurge on a double seater BOB stroller. We got it 5 days ago and I've already taken it out three times. It feels good to get out for a walk and I love the way the stroller handles. We should be able to enjoy many a fall day with it. Money well spent!







The past few weeks have just flown by. Ally is now just over 6 weeks old. She just had a her doctor visit this morning and she is already 12 pounds, 6 ounces. She is much more alert now and spends a lot less time sleeping. She is really starting to talk and by that I mean coo, grunt, etc. She started smiling on her fifth week birthday but is pretty stingy with them and we have yet to catch one on film. We spent the last week in Spokane with my family and everyone got to meet her. It was a fun visit.


Teasing us with a half smile

Great Grandpa George Volland

The four generations

The grandkids

Ally in her cute hat that my friend Sarah knit her.





While Ally and I slept this morning, Jim took Logan to Larrabee State Park. It was a beautiful morning and the park goes all the way down to the beach. Jim captured these photos with his cell phone.







Ally is 3 weeks old today and went in for her checkup. She is now 10 lbs and 20.5 inches. Her weight is in the 75th percentile and height is in the 25th percentile. She shaping up to be just like her brother. Since our last update we have had many visitors. Most of both of our families and lots of our friends have been here to see Ally. It's been really nice to see everyone and share our new little girl. She really is a beautiful baby. Since her birth was so fast she didn't spend much time in the birth canal. Because of that she really didn't get bruised and banged up the way that newborns tend to. Her features have all started to come out and she is rounding out nicely.


Wrong size Daddy - those are Logan's

Logan and Daddy getting a much needed nap

Kisses for baby sister

This is my favorite picture! He's so proud to be a big brother.

Logan wanted to "help" with Ally's bath and by "help" he meant eat the bubbles.

Grandma got Logan this tent and we were playing in it.

Logan with his friends Gwendolynne and Naomi eating popsicles on a hot day. The girls needed their clothes preserved in order to wear them home so they were stripped down for proper popsicle enjoyment.

Ally resting on Mommy. She is so beautiful.





We were driving in the car and from the back we hear Logan asking, "What's that baby Ally? It's a truck. What's that baby Ally? It's a car." and so on. He was narrating to her everything he was seeing out the window. What a good big brother!




Ally is now a week old and things are going great. We have had time to come home from the hospital and start to adjust to our new life at home. Lets just say that having a two year old and a newborn is, uummm... busy. You definitely don't get the cuddle time with the newborn that you had with your first, but you also don't expect to so I guess it's okay. Logan is fantastic with her. He always wants to "kiss her" and "touch her" and "hold her." He is really sweet with her. He says things like "we have a baby here," "baby Ally is really cute," "baby Ally is crying. She is hungry. She needs boo-boo milk." When she cries it doesn't bother him as much as it concerns him and he just wants to make sure she is okay and that her needs are being met. He is already a protective big brother.


As I was sitting there with my two kids, I said, "Now this is living."  Logan replied, "No. It's baby Ally."

The cousins - Sean, Kyle, Ally, Jordan, Logan and Jennifer.






We came home from the hospital today. It's funny to be home already. Ally's birth was so fast that while it wasn't very fun at the time, I am recovering really quickly and almost feel as though I didn't have a baby at all. My contractions started at 2 AM on the 20th and we got to the hospital at 3:45. My contractions were really intense from the very beginning. When we got to the hospital I was dialated to 4 cm. Ally was born 49 minutes later at 4:34 AM. I went from 4 cm to out in 49 minutes. It was insanely fast and of course there was no time to get the epidural I so desperately wanted, but in hindsight I'm glad it happened that way because I feel great now. Here are some pictures from the hospital.


Our friend Sarah came in the middle of the night to stay with Logan. In the morning she brought Logan and her daughter Naomi to see Ally. This is how they walked in.

Just another cute story - The next morning my mom brought Logan to the hospital before we were discharged to see Ally. Jim and Logan went down to the lobby to get coffee and when they got back I was nursing Ally. Logan didn't see her and asked in an accusing tone "Where is baby Ally? Where did she go?" He then proceeded to search the room for her, looking in every little nook and cranny for her until we finally showed him where she was. It was so cute because he knew she should be there and it was almost like he was saying to us "I leave you alone with her for five minutes and you lose her! That's just great!"

Ally's first bath

Ally's first car ride






Welcome to the World

Allison Grace

Ally was born on August 20th at 4:34 am.

She was 8 lbs. 6 ozs. and 20 inches long.

She is perfect, beautiful, precious.

We are so blessed.