Logic Programming: Systems and Applications

Stony Brook, New York, September 21-22, 2012

We are organizing a symposium on the occasion of David S. Warren’s retirement from Stony Brook University

Logic Programming is one of those particularly challenging fields, which are inspired by deep theory and where implementations and applications inspire deep theory in return. The main theme of the symposium is therefore to retrospect on the past, analyze the present, and speculate on the future with particular emphasis on systems and applications that can help put Logic Programming to practical use.

The goal of the symposium is to bring together the best people in theory, systems, and applications.  We envision a set of overview talks on these subjects and on connections among them. We also envision a publication of a book collection of essays in honor of David.

The symposium will be a full day event followed by a dinner party in the evening and then by a half day dedicated to discussions of specific actions to help advance the state of the art in theory, systems, and applications of Logic Programming
.  It will be held at or near the University, which is 55 miles east of Manhattan.

Symposium Supporters:

Association for Logic Programming
XSB, Inc.
LogicBlox, Inc.
CENTRIA, Centre for Artificial Intelligence of UNL
Stony Brook Computer Science


Michael Kifer
Annie Liu