Who am I

I'm a Senior Software Developer and team leader, who loves C# and. ASP.Net, Python, Java, Delphi, Objective-C, Python, JavaScript, and lots of other stuff. I am into Amateur Radio (call-sign VE3WPX), and I am into woodworking and tools.

I have four kids, I live in British Columbia, Canada,  below are some links to information about me, including recent open source projects and various bits of code are listed below if I think other people might find them useful, as well as links to my blog, and other stuff like that.

Blogs - Not very active (2017)

My Linux blog is called Linux Code monkey.

My Delphi programming blog is called Delphi Code Monkey 

My ham radio blog is named after my call sign VE3WPX, and is called "Whiskey Papa XRay" which is the International Phonetic Alphabet way of saying WPX:

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Open Source Stuff:
  github:   https://github.com/wpostma/

Contact Email 
  Warren Dot Postma at the usual google mail suffix involving the letter g plus the word mail and the usual dot
  and suffix after that.

Python Scripts for Delphi Developers who also Use Mercurial including a DFM repair tool

I use Python, and Mercurial when developing Delphi applications. Mercurial is my version control system of choice, and it is written in Python. When I need to script common tasks, and have those tasks easily read metadata from Mercurial repositories, Python is a logical choice for these tasks. I have also written some .DFM parsing code in Python which I use to scan and repair problems caused by bad mercurial-driven merges.

The repository is called wppythonscripts for now, but will probably be renamed when I come up with a catchy project title.

Delphi XE/XE2/XE3 SOAP Demos 

I ported the old Delphi SOAP demos from Delphi 7 through Delphi 2010, that disappeared from Delphi XE, up to work at the Delphi XE and XE2 level. They are on CodeCentral here. (Item #28789) They should still work in XE3,XE4,XE5.

Port of the ancient TurboPower B+Tree Filer to Delphi XE

I didn't need this for any reason, but I did this, because I was bored, and because someone asked about it on StackOverflow. It was a real retro-code tour-de-force, since B+Tree Filer was originally a DOS TurboPascal product, and predates Delphi itself. It's here on bitbucket.

You can download various components that I have written for Delphi from their links below.

ExGridView : Virtual Grid control written originally by Roman Mocholov, maintained by warren  on bitbucket.

TComPort:  I did the port from 3.0 (Delphi versions up to 7) to 4.0 (Delphi versions 7,2007,2009,2010 and C++Builder 2007,2009,2010). Latest downloads available on the link given.

JEDI  JCL+JVCL  : I am one of the JEDI JVCL project developers. My contributed components are the TJvCsvDataSet, and the TJvChart, and I have contributed improvements to the JvDocking components, the JvInspector component, and a few others.

   BCRYPT Code from StackOverflow saved to BitBucket for future password encryption needs

Modbus Serial and Modbus TCP Components for Delphi :
    I have written some modbus serial components and modbus tcp components, and will try to make them open source after I obtain permission from the other contributors.  If you are interested in this as an open source project, please email me. 

Objective-C and XCode Odds and Ends by Warren Postma

Demo of using a Tab View and a Nav view together.  Tab Views are basically a row of icons on the bottom of your view that let you change between several pages in a user interface, much like the tabs in a web browser. Nav views are views with levels of navigation, you could think of them as being moves to the right (inwards) and left (back, or outwards). I didn't now how to make the two work together and couldn't find an appropriate Apple demo so I built one. I also used it as an opportunity to put something up on Github, for a change. (Normally I use Bitbucket and mercurial)

My iOS stuff on github