About Us
Rinn Mhic Giolla Rua CCE is our local branch of Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann based in Warrenpoint. It was formed to promote traditional music, song and dance within the local and wider area.

Today it has in excess of 250 members and has grown to become an integral part of our local community. Since its formation, it has organised a number of important community events, which briefly include:

•    the hosting of Fleadh Uladh, (the Ulster provincial fleadh), on seven occasions, most recently in 2005;

•    hosting the celebrated ‘Echoes of Erin’ Concert Tour in Warrenpoint on a number of occasions, always nights to remember, the most recent being on 21 Oct 2006 when it played to a large and appreciative audience in the Town Hall;

•    holding various workshops, when our young people are provided with an opportunity to learn from the cream of tutors;

•    organising annual trips for our members e.g. to the renowned Willie Clancy Summer School in Miltown Malbay, Co Clare or, in previous years, an annual weekend to Gormanstown College for the junior members;

•    participating in the Warrenpoint Gala Week and performing at various charity functions;

•    taking part in sessions and entertaining at various venues throughout the country, including the home of President, Mary McAleese;

•    contributing to the re-creation of the traditional ‘cross-roads dance’ at ‘Biddy Doyle's Comer’;

•    hosting RTE Radio l' s famed 'Ceili House' programme

•    the launch of our Branch CD in 2004 and, most notably,

•    our weekly classes in a wide range of instruments and song, currently held in St Mark’s High School.

Rinn Mhic Giolla Rua CCE is indebted to Newry and Mourne Council for its help and support over the years and was delighted to be presented with an award in 2003 for its contribution to the Irish culture, music and youth of the area.

None of this work would be possible without the voluntary help provided by members of the hardworking committee who have always been on hand to assist with administration at classes, class feis, catering at various Branch functions etc. etc.

Parents too have been a tower of strength.

The Branch has also developed strong links with St Peter’s GAC and is grateful for its support, in particular for the use of its clubrooms for meetings, practices, parties etc.

The efforts and hard work of both tutors and young people can be seen in the unqualified successes at Feiseanna and Fleadhanna over the years resulting in numerous All Ireland medals, a magnificent achievement indeed.

For a number of years the Branch has won the Newry CCE Trophy for best Branch at the Co Fleadh.

Since its inception the Branch has produced a number of solo Ulster and All Ireland medallists and with the formation of Grupai Cheoil and Ceili Bands in 1991, more and more young people have had the opportunity to perform and bring additional honour to the Branch, the culmination being the All Ireland bronze medal won by the 15-18 group in 2004. A great day for all concerned!

Further details can be found in our ‘Roll of Honour’ section.