Glen Warren is the Encinitas Union District Director of Literacies, Outreach, and Libraries. 
With twin Master’s degrees in educational leadership and library science, as well as expertise in educational technology, Glen Warren straddles the worlds of the classroom and the library as well as the worlds of technology and information. 

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He is a part of a growing movement to integrate information and digital literacy into K12 education and society. He co-wrote the California Model School Library Standards addressing information and digital literacy outcomes for K-12 public education students. These standards helped underscore the importance of teacher librarians as lead instructors of information literacy. Some recent highlights include: 

  • Director of Literacies, Outreach, and Libraries (LOL) for the Encinitas  Union School District.  
  • Vice President of Government Relations for the California School Library Association (CSLA). 
  • California Educational Technology Task Force.  (A volunteer group appointed by the State Superintendent of Public Instruction to advise ways to improve and expand the use of education technology in California schools.) 
  • Orange County Teacher of the Year 2014: One of four K12 educators chosen to represent Orange County as the state candidate for California teacher of the year. 
  • Chuck Jones Center for Creativity "Creativity in Education" Award 2012 
  • Leaders Making a Difference Award: LINK Americas Foundation Leaders making a Difference Award for 2012 for Life, Information, Nature, Knowledge and exemplary contributions to the advancement of Digital Literacy and Technology Serving Humanity. 
  • Co-writer of the California Model School Library Standards addressing digital literacy learning outcomes for kindergarten through twelfth grade students. These standards were adopted by the California State Board of Education in August of 2010. 
  • Family Digital Literacy Education: Supports multifaceted efforts to provide digital literacy education for families through collaboration with the California Parent Teacher Association, the California School Library Association, Creative Commons, iKeepSafe, and others. 
  • Co-Chair for the Library Media Educator’s Special Interest Group for Computer Using Educators (CUE).