Your Librarian: Mrs. Sara Nielsen
            Phone (562) 869-7306 ext. 5860    
            Email: snielsen@dusd.net  
Please feel free to call or email anytime with questions.  We're always happy to help you!
A period-by-period schedule is posted on the library's front door each day.  If you'd like to know when the main room of the library is booked with a special event or class visit, please refer to the calendar below. 
When we are booked with an event, the main room is closed to students for that period of time.  However, there are usually multiple opportunities during that same day for students to visit the library to study, use the computers, or find books.  Students are also welcome to visit the College & Career Center, Room O-1, which has computers, a printer, and tables/chairs for student use. 
If you have any questions about our library's schedule, please don't hesitate to ask.  You may use the contact info above to reach us.
This week in the Main Room of the Library...
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