Calendar of Events

The Warren County Fiber Artists are pleased to sponsor a
Warren Public Library 
205 Market Street, Warren, PA
4:00-7:00 in the Slater Room
February 5, 2019
by Sandy Long
  The Woolroom at Longmeadow Farm
RSVP to warrencountyfiberartists@gmail.com or call 814-688-0293 (ask for Priscilla)

Kinzua Knit-Away
Sponsors of the Kinzua Knit-Away   April 5 & 6, 2019  
at the First United Methodist Church in Warren, PA 
Registration runs from January 8 to March 10
                             If you are new in the area we always welcome new members. Just email WarrenCountyFiberArtists@gmail.com to be placed on the email list.

 Where:  We meet at the Warren Public Library  - Slater Room (on the 3rd  floor)  
                                           When:    First Tuesday of the month - September through May
                                           Time:     6:00-8:00
                                                                        Our program schedule can be printed out using the link on the left hand "Navigation                                                                                 Menu".  You can, also, check our "Calendar of Event"  in the upper right hand corner.  

What is a fiber artist?             
Well, the short answer is someone who makes works of art out of fiber. And what is fiber? It can be many things. Fiber can be the fluffy stuff we cut off of sheep, goats, or rabbits. Fiber can be the hair we brush from our cats or dogs. Fiber can come from more exotic animals, like Yak, buffalo, or camel.
Fiber can also come from plant sources. Cotton, flax, hemp, even corn and bamboo are all examples of fiber plants.
And of course, fiber can be synthetically made, too. Acrylic, nylon, polyester, tencel, rayon are common synthetic fibers. So what does a fiber artist do? A fiber artist turns these raw materials into finished products. There are various methods of doing this, but all have to start with turning the fiber in to yarn or thread. Many people out there like to spin their own yarn.
Fiber Arts Web Links
(If you have website links that you feel you would like to share, please email warrencountyfiberartists@ gmail.com.)  

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