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Construction Logistics Plan

Full Construction Logistics Plan can be found here on which this summary is based.

Key quotes of interest to local communities:

"3.8.3 Therefore, the Community Engagement Officer for the site will regularly contact local businesses/surrounding communities to share information in order to advise on potential disruption and provide a point of contact for queries."

Five main phases of development are to be undertaken of which the currently submitted Construction Logistics Plan covers Phases 1 & 2:

Phase 1 – Demolition and clearance - 5-6 weeks, provisionally starting May 2019

4-8 lorry movements per day to remove demolition materials from the site through the existing entrance.

Parking will be restricted at the existing entrance to provide access:

Phase 2 – Infill - 9-12 months, provisionally starting June/July 2019

Approximately 180,000m3 of soil will be imported and graded on the site being brought in on HGVs at a rate of 20 movements per HOUR or 220 movements per DAY.

A NEW site access will be made rather than use the existing entrance. Grading works will occur in 3 phases, see below:

The access routes the HGVs will be signposted to take are below being along two main paths: Tentelow Lane through Heston to the A4 and Windmill Lane onto the A4 at Gillette Corner:

Three Bridges Scheduled Ancient Monument has a width restriction and weight limit of 3T so is not suitable for HGVs to pass.

The existing disused Tennis Courts / Wheelie bin storage area will become the main depot with an HGV Wheel Wash and facilities.

A Road Sweeper will be operating to keep the roads clean of mud and debris in the immediate vicinity.

An 80m haul road on the site will allow for HGVs to queue away from Windmill Lane where no queuing should be occuring.

HGVs will be scheduled to arrive in defined time slots to minimise congestion.

Phase 3 – Pitches


Phase 4 – Community facilities


Phase 5 – QPR training facility