QPR Training Academy Project at Warren Farm scrapped. Article here.

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New Planning description:
"Redevelopment of the site, following demolition of the existing buildings, to provide a first team training and academy facility for Queen's Park Rangers Football Club, incorporating a two-storey, with basement, training centre building, a three-storey multi-functional operations building, to be built in two phases, an indoor hall building, a single storey maintenance building and single storey plant building, along with three first team pitches and eight academy / youth pitches, plus the re-provision of community facilities incorporating a single storey community building linked to the indoor hall (shared with QPR), with changing rooms, showers, wc's and social space and up to eleven football pitches, including one artificial pitch, and three cricket wickets. In addition, the development proposes associated developments including 263 permanent car parking spaces (plus overspill parking for a further 292 cars), flood lighting, boundary treatments, an additional vehicle and pedestrian point of access onto Windmill Lane, hard and soft landscaping and engineering works to re-grade the site to provide level playing surfaces (with site levels increasing in part by a maximum of 5m)"

About Warren Farm Sports Centre

Warren Farm Sports Centre is an open public space and categorised as Metropolitan Open Land and Community Open Space. It was Ealing's largest sports ground, with up to 20 football pitches and six cricket pitches in summer being on well drained land. Sports clubs were using the site mainly at weekends. Part of Brent River Park the site has a conservation area that runs alongside Windmill Lane from where Little Owls can be spotted. It is referenced several times in the Ealing Unitary Development Plan categorised as part of the Brent River Park Nature Conservation Management Area as well as having local and strategic viewpoints to the east. It is currently derelict, with limited maintenance and in use by local residents for recreational purposes with no official sports activities taking place.

It was actively used by the following User Groups:
  • Local residents (dog walking, exercise, cycling, kite flying, access to Hanwell Flight of Locks and meadows) who continue to use the site.
  • Warren Farm Radio Flyers who continue to use the site.
  • Saturday and Sunday League Regional Football Clubs.
  • Seasonal Cricket Tournaments.
  • Tamil School Sports Association Tournaments.

The deal between QPR and Ealing Council

The Sports Centre has seen better days and there is an ongoing need for Ealing Council to reduce costs. Ealing Council selected QPR football club as their preferred partner in 2012 to develop the site for use as a Category 1 Football Training Academy (all part of the Football Associations EPPP) and Community facility. Indications are that QPR will invest in the region of £30 million into the site. The following facilities and services were proposed in 2012 as available to the community in the plans submitted to Ealing Council alongside the Training Academy:
  • Indoor Hall covering 70m x 50m artificial playing surface marked for multi-sport use.
  • Community Trust Building attached to the Indoor Hall with changing facilities, WCs, offices, stores, first aid office, and multi-use indoor areas for community activities.
  • Community Pavilion close to the outdoor community sports pitches with changing facilities, WCs, kitchen, social space and storage for equipment.
  • 3 cricket pitches to club standards (clay loam wickets) when football not in use.
  • 7 football pitches (92m x 55m) levelled, with sand root zone and automatic irrigation.
  • 2 football pitches (54m x 36m) levelled, with sand root zone and automatic irrigation.
  • 1 Floodlit outdoor artificial outdoor adult football pitch (100m x 64m).
  • 1 Multi Use Games Area (MUGAaccommodating 1 tennis / basketball court.
  • New cycle path and footpath located behind the existing hedgerow on Windmill Lane together with additional native landscape planting along boundaries.
  • Parking for approx. 500 vehicles (including overspill of 250) and 400 bicycles.
  • 24 hour security with CCTV to protect the facilities from vandalism and theft.
  • A Community Trust charitable organisation to implement a community development plan and operate the community facilities.
  • Shuttle mini-bus service linking to public transport hubs.
  • An improved and safer main entrance off Windmill Lane together with a controlled pedestrian/cycle crossing.
QPR will be responsible for constructing, maintaining, repairing and operating the facilities for as long as they hold the lease at no expense to Ealing Council (or the tax payer) who will retain the Freehold and keep the site as Metropolitan Open Land.

An Advisory Panel has been established and meets every 3 months with representation from local resident groups, community groups, QPR Community Trust, Ealing Council and sporting governing bodies to provide on going consultation before and during operation of the facility and to develop a community plan for the facility. Members of the Advisory Panel toured the site on April 22nd 2013 with representatives of QPR, Ealing Council and Local Safer Neighbourhoods Policing team. 

The history, consultations and estimated timeline

Since 2009 Ealing Council have undertaken a strategic review of sports in the Borough and developed a plan which has included Warren Farm Sports Centre as of strategic importance. the plan has been endorsed by Sport England.
The intention as indicated by Ealing Council in their Pre-Qualification Questionnaire was to dispose of the Warren Farm Sports Centre by way of a long lease of up to 200 years to an organisation with the ability to rebuild high quality sporting facilities which are also accessible for community use at an affordable cost. The selected partner must be able to deliver a scheme that is acceptable in an area of Metropolitan Open Land and demonstrates the ability to provide sport and leisure facilities for the benefit of the community as a whole.
Ealing Council decided in an urgent agenda item at a council cabinet meeting in December 2011 to approve the marketing of a maximum 200 year lease of the siteThe decision passed scrutiny after concerns were raised about the unusual length of the lease. Bidders were sought in response to a Pre-Qualification Questionnaire. A short list was selected and bidders responded to a Request For Proposal (RFP) issued by Ealing Council. 
A decision on the successful partner was announced on 14th May 2012 and QPR Football Club were selected as the preferred partner. Community consultations occurred on 14th June 2012, 20th November 2012, 24th January 2013, and 26th February 2013 with representatives of Ealing Council, QPR and associated companies presenting and taking questions from members of the public. Comments have been submitted on the plans by interested parties. The comments and plans were reviewed and debated at the Planning Committee meeting held on 24th April 2013. The planning application was granted by the Planning Committee and has subsequently been reviewed by the Mayor of London's office (Boris Johnson) and The Secretary of State for Communities (Eric Pickles) without comment. A letter of intent to file a claim for Judicial Review was received by Ealing Council from Hanwell Community Forum. The Council officer decision to enter into a development agreement with QPR was upheld after 90 minutes of debate on 15th August 2013 at an Ealing Council Overview and Scrutiny Committee Meeting. An application for a Judicial Review was filed with the Royal Courts of Justice on 30th January 2014 by Hanwell Community Forum. The claim for a Judicial Review was granted by a Judge, and the process proceeded to the courts for a Judge to review. The Judge ruled against the appeal both formal and a subsequent Oral appeal. Preliminary site works such as surveys have been undertaken on site at QPR risk. New plans were submitted in April 2015 which have been scaled back in size and budget. QPR are in the process of selecting a contractor to work with the architects.

The original intention from QPR was to have the training grounds ready for the 2013/2014 football season, however having secured the preferred bidder spot from Ealing Council, the timetable shifted out to the 2014/15 season instead to allow time for more detailed design, planning and consultation. A challenge by a local residents group in Hanwell delayed any progress while a series of Judicial Reviews were undertaken. The original architects have changed and Populous appointed who have an extensive pedigree of sports facility design (having designed the stadium for the London 2012 Olympic Games amongst others). Planning permission has been granted. A development agreement was signed on 20th Dec 2013 between Ealing Council and QPR. A Section 106 agreement has been signed. Ultimately a 200 year lease agreement will be signed with QPR only when the construction is complete. QPR have invested in refurbishing their existing training grounds at Harlington (article here) which will provide them some time. In the meantime, Warren Farm will likely remain as it is in an under utilised and derelict condition pending the promised investment to be realised from QPR.

Following unsuccessful legal challenges, work to prepare the site for construction will commence in earnest in May 2019 with the demolition of the existing buildings and erection of perimeter fencing.
Infill of soils to level the site will commence from June 2019 until May 2020 followed by construction of phase 1 of the plans and sports pitches being laid. It is likely that the facilities will open for use in 2022.
About QPR in the Community Trust
Here's a short video clip on some of the activities of QPR in the Community Trust who are seeking to manage and operate the community facilities for Warren Farm. It's a reasonable reflection of what the local community can expect should the proposals go ahead:

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