For 89 years, the WARREN COUNTY CHAPTER has worked to protect our natural resources in Virginia's Northern Shenandoah Valley.
Warren County is our primary membership area, but we maintain a waiting list of applicants from adjoining counties.
Our MISSION is "...to strive for the purity of water, the clarity of air, and the wise stewardship of land and its resources; to know the beauty and understanding of nature and the value of wildlife, woodlands and open space; to the preservation of the heritage and to man's sharing in it."
We do this in a fun, family-friendly environment from our beautiful 120 year-old, 155-acre farm park, nestled in an arm of the Blue Ridge near Browntown. 
Check out our FACEBOOK PAGE for late-breaking news. 

Welcome to our online home!


MAIL:         P.O. BOX 556 - 
PHONE:     540.636.3666   (Usually unanswered)


Current, as of March 8, 2018


Six times a year, Anti-litter chair Dennis Mosher leads an enthusiastic group of member and community volunteers in picking up trash from Browntown Road (4 times) and Happy Creek (twice).

The next LITTER PICKUP is on HAPPY CREEK, this Sunday, March 11, 1:00 p.m.
Meet in the Rural King side parking lot
Bring waders or boots if you want, but they're not necessary. Plenty of bank trash. This is a good time for pickup: no poison ivy, no snakes, easy to see trash.
Sometimes, not enough people show up. For the next pickup, let's turn out a crowd! The more people we have, the quicker it'll go. 
Call Dennis at (540) 635-3559 to volunteer for the next litter pickup. Or JUST SHOW UP!  
 Let's get lots of volunteers out to spread the work!



Dinner is at 6:30, and meeting at about 7:15. Menu and program will be posted when we know 'em.
We'll continue to sell dinner tickets at the door. This'll help us avoid having to raise the dinner price. It's still the best deal in town at $5.  It'll give us a better idea of how many folks are joining us for our meals. We had 65 there at the March meeting.



Gene turned the Farm's water system back on in late-February, so the restrooms, kitchen, etc. are now fully operational. 

The coldest of the winter seems like it's behind us, and spring is just around the corner. 

Don't put your snow boots away. Challenging weather is on the horizon for mid-March, but probably won't involve any long, deep, hard freezes.

The Park's two outhouses also remain open. With no moving parts, they're clean and fully operational.




The lock combination for the gate and house have been changed. 

If you've renewed and received your new membership card, then you already have the new combination.
If you renewed later in January, your new card and the combination will be sent to you as soon as IWLA has processed your renewal. 
If you need Park access prior to the USPS delivering your new card, please call Warren Standley (540-635-6721 or 703-395-3785) to request the combination verbally.  If you leave a message, you will receive a call-back.
If you have not already renewed, the combination will accompany your membership card as soon as you renew.

REMEMBER... Providing the gate combination to anyone that you do not know to be a Chapter member is not allowed.



■ 2018 Membership cards were mailed out in mid-January

■ The gate/house lock combination changed February 1st
■ The new combination was sent out with your 2018 membership card

Renewals were due on 12/31/2017. The Chapter had a "grace period" until 1/31/2018, after which all unpaid memberships became Inactive.
The gate and house lock combination were changed 
February 1st 
and the new combination was provided to Active Members along with their 2018 Membership Card. 
Renewal payments received after January 31st, were processed and Inactive Memberships will be returned to Active status as time permits.
If you have not received or have misplaced your renewal notice, please contact the Chapter Membership Secretary asap:
Warren Standley, 703-395-3785 or:



The March board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 20th.  Watch the facebook page for late cancellation/confirmation.
The business of the Chapter goes on, and if any issue requires the Board's immediate attention between meetings, please contact Rich Crawford or another Board member.



Effective last fall, fishing in the chapter pond is "Catch and Release" only. Fish should be returned to the pond unharmed.


In 2015, we started a tradition of getting together mid-way between regular Chapter meetings for dinner & fellowship. In February, we had over 25 members attend. March's event is scheduled for Monday, Mar 19 (weather permitting).
Although spring is coming, keep in touch with the Facebook page to make sure weather doesn't get in the way.
Dinner starts at 6:00, but of course everyone is welcome to come up and enjoy the Park earlier. Put on your thinking cap and let's come up with a family activity (Movie?, Trivia?, Army Training Films?, Charades?, Summer Vacation Slide Shows?, etc.). Let someone know!  

You're welcome to bring a side dish, salad, dessert or other treat. If you don't bring food, it would be nice to kick in a few bucks to offset the cost of the main course.
We dodged the weather and continued Third Mondays throughout the winter. Hope you can join us as spring comes to the Farm!


Hunters may be in the woods at any time. One thing changes this year, and one remains the same:
  • The firearms ranges will remain open throughout the hunting seasons. In years past, they have closed, but the Chapter voted to keep them open during fall-2017 seasons.
  • There is no Sunday hunting in the Park. Virginia opened Sunday hunting on selected lands this year, but the Chapter voted to keep Sunday available for the whole Chapter to enjoy the Park.

And please remember to sign in to the hunting log before and sign out after you hunt.  



We've set up a second Facebook page for Warren County IWLA Members to exchange information and ideas, that are of interest to Chapter members.
Unlike our main Facebook page, the forum page a "CLOSED" page - welcoming all Chapter members, but closed to the public.
It doesn't take the place of the Chapter's main Facebook page, where we circulate info on the Chapter's activities. It simply supplements the Chapter's page, and gives members a forum for back-and-forth exchange of thoughts and ideas.
Thanks to John and Holly for setting it up, managing who participates, playing hall monitor, and curating the content.
We're confident that everyone who participates will, "...play well with others."
This is NOT a group for political, social or controversial ramblings, but a place for us to share knowledge among our members that contributes to our Chapter, its mission, and the IWLA at large. No running with scissors!



The world is moving more and more toward social media for rapid communication. Most of the news on what's happening  is on the Chapter's Facebook Page
This website is more of a reference source. Think of the web page as your library. Social media like Facebook are your newspaper. 
If you're not yet comfortable with computers, the Samuels Public Library offers free beginning computer instruction. There are also intermediate computer courses available.  

If you're still stumped, ask your grandkids!



Please keep in mind that the Grounds Crew is working all over the park from about 8:00 a.m. to about 2:00 p.m. every Friday of the year.
Crew members may be working on the trails around the range.
Please schedule your range time outside these hours. Unless you absolutely have to shoot on Friday mornings, pick another day.
When there's shooting going on, the Grounds Crew is prevented from working in about ¼ of the Park. If you can't resist, please advise Gene Mathews that you will be shooting, so that he can schedule work away from the areas near the range.


There may be shooting (firearms or archery) in the Park just about any time of the year, especially during hunting season.
Be careful!
VDGIF advises wearing
 blaze orange in the woods . . . in or out of hunting season. It's the law for hunters, and not bad advice for all of us whether hunting or not. Without it, you might just disappear!
Blaze orange is not just for hunters. Dress defensively. When you're in the woods, wear blaze orange to be safe and be seen.