For 88 years, the WARREN COUNTY CHAPTER has worked to protect our natural resources in Virginia's Northern Shenandoah Valley.
Warren County is our primary membership area, but we maintain a waiting list of applicants from adjoining counties.
Our MISSION is "...to strive for the purity of water, the clarity of air, and the wise stewardship of land and its resources; to know the beauty and understanding of nature and the value of wildlife, woodlands and open space; to the preservation of the heritage and to man's sharing in it."
We do this in a fun, family-friendly environment from our beautiful 120 year-old, 155-acre farm park near Browntown. 
Check out our Facebook page for late-breaking news. 

Welcome to our online home!


P.O. BOX 556 - 


Updated MARCH 27

, 2016




We've set up a Facebook page for Warren County IWLA Members to exchange information, ideas, and events that are of interest to Chapter members.
Unlike our main Facebook page, it's a "Closed" page . . . not open to the public, but welcoming all Chapter members.
It doesn't take the place of the Chapter's main Facebook page, where we circulate info on the Chapter's activities. It simply supplements the Chapter's page, and gives members a forum for back-and-forth exchange of thoughts and ideas.
Thanks to John and Holly for setting it up, managing who participates, playing hall monitor, and curating the content.
We're confident that everyone who participates will, "...play well with others." This is NOT a group for political, social or controversial ramblings, but a place for us to share knowledge among our members that contributes to our Chapter, its mission, and the IWLA at large.

Saturday, April 29th, in front of Peeble's in Front Royal.
Please call Janice Weatherholtz (635–7276) or Ruth Wahl (631–9169) if you can contribute baked goodies or volunteer some time.
More info at the April 3rd Chapter meeting.



 4/3 will be our next Chapter meeting. The water was back on, so the restrooms are in full operation. 
Last month, we had a full house, and maybe a record for attendance. Soon, we're going to have to start thinking about a larger meeting space! 
The March meeting kicked off the Chapter's year full activities.  


In December, we started a tradition of getting together half-way between regular Chapter meetings for dinner and fellowship. This month's event is on March 20. 
Lasagna is on the menu. Dinner starts at 6:00, but of course everyone is welcome to come up and enjoy the Park earlier.  

You're welcome to bring a side dish, salad, dessert or other treat. If you don't bring food, it would be nice to kick in a few bucks to offset the cost of the main course.
The water is back on, and the Park is ready for the spring.  Hope you can join us!



Each year the Warren County Chapter of IWLA will award two $1,000 scholarships to college-bound seniors. The scholarships are primarily intended for students planning to study environmental science/environmental studies or conservation.

The chapter will accept applications for review from public or private school seniors, as well as home-school students. Applicants must reside and receive education services in Warren County or bordering counties that do not currently have a chapter of IWL.

Criteria for evaluating scholarship applications are listed below.

· High grade point average earned in rigorous AP or Honors level courses evidences by a course work transcript.

· Plans to pursue a degree in the field of environment and/or conservation.

· Financial need articulated by parent(s), student, or both.

· Extra-curricular activities that may include community service with regards to the environment and/or conservation.

· Personal references from teachers, administrators, clergy, or prominent adults in the community.

Any scholarship form used by a school’s guidance department will be acceptable. Applicants may create their own application that includes the information listed above as well a course work transcript. Forward application packets to the address listed below by May 1.

Warren County IWL
c/o Scholarship Committee
P.O. Box 556
Front Royal, VA 22630



The world is moving more and more toward social media for rapid communication. Most of the news on what's happening  is on the Chapter's Facebook Page
This website is more of a reference source. Think of the web page as your library. Then social media like Facebook are your newspapers. 
If you're not yet comfortable with computers, the Samuels Public Library offers free beginning computer instruction Tuesdays from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. starting on March 7th. There are also intermediate computer courses available.  

If you're still stumped, ask!


The Board will meet on April 18th at a new site. The WaCo Gov't Center conference room is no longer available. We'll be meeting in the Warren County Sheriff's Office Community Room. It's the building up on the hill across Skyline Vista Dr. from Skyline High School. 

Our board meetings are usually held the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.
If these meetings don't sound interesting, you probably haven't been to one. There's plenty of room, for both you and for your ideas on how to keep our Chapter the best in the League. You - and your input on Chapter issues - are always welcome. 

If an issue comes up that can't wait for the Board meeting, call Rich Crawford or another Board member.



The Warren County Izaak Walton League Chapter recently received $200 from Rappahannock Electric Cooperative's (REC) Operation Round Up ® (ORU) program for the purchase of a digital microscope for teaching young naturalists. 



The Kids' Archery program is becoming even more of a great success! Our Archery Team (Stacy and Beth) are thinking about the next offering. They've been trained by the IWLA national office, and have become Level II Archery Instructors. Congratulations! 
They're also pulling together a grant request for expanding the archery facilities.
Members and their families are welcome at future programs. Age is generally 5-  and up. Are there any adults out there who want to learn - or get back into - archery?



ALERT! Our Conservation Chair, Herschel Finch has been following recent developments on the Atlantic Coast Pipeline issue and how it could impact our own Shenandoah River. Link to his article below.
Guidance on how to respond, along with a framework of ideas, is on our chapter Facebook page. Click on the link to our Facebook page about 15 lines down this page.
The Shenandoah Riverkeeper has highlighted this issue, and we all should be aware of what is being proposed. If you need more info, or guidance on how you can make your opinion known, call Herschel.



Chapter Member (and Certified Instructor) Buz Grover is scheduling the next offering of his handgun/self defense/concealed carry training at the Chapter Park. It will probably be in early-February. Great training, and useful even if you already have a permit. Or just how to be less of a victim in a tense situation.  
More info is on the Chapter's 
facebook page.
Anyone who's interested in a follow-on class, let Buz know.


We're on Facebook. This web page gets updated every few weeks. Our Facebook page gets updated much more often. Check it out, bookmark it, click "FOLLOW" and maybe even "LIKE" it. Here's the link:

If you need help getting online, accessing our Facebook page or receiving FB notifications, ask your grandkids!



Four times a year, Anti-litter chair Dennis Mosher leads an enthusiastic group of volunteers in picking up trash from Browntown Road and Happy Creek. Sometimes, not enough people show up. For the next pickup, let's turn out a crowd! The more people we have, the quicker it'll go. 
Call Dennis at (540) 635-3559 to volunteer for the next litter pickup. Or JUST SHOW UP!  
 Let's get lots of volunteers out to spread the work!


Please keep in mind that the Grounds Crew is working all over the park from about 8:00 a.m. to about 2:00 p.m. every Friday of the year.
Crew members may be working on the trails around the range.
Please schedule your range time outside these hours. Unless you absolutely have to shoot on Friday mornings, pick another day.
When there's shooting going on, the Grounds Crew is prevented from working in about ¼ of the Park. If you can't resist, please advise Gene Mathews that you will be shooting, so that he can schedule work away from the areas near the range.

There may be shooting (firearms or archery) in the Park just about any time of the year, especially during hunting season.
Spring gobbler season starts in early April, so be especially careful!
VDGIF advises wearing blaze orange in the woods . . . in or out of hunting season. It's the law for hunters, and not bad advice for all of us whether hunting or not. Without it, you might just disappear!
Blaze orange is not just for hunters. Dress defensively. When you're in the woods, wear blaze orange to be safe and be seen.