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Toxic Plants

Toxic Plants – Plants to “Die” For

*Toxic to animals

Angel’s-trumpet – Brugmansia spp. – All parts of plant are poisonous, esp. leaves and seeds.

*Boxwood – Buxus sempervirens – Eating even small quantities of leaves has caused death of animals.

Caladium – Caladium spp. – Leaves contain crystals of calcium oxalate, causes intense burning of mouth and throat.

Madagascar Periwinkle - Catharanthus roseus – Toxic properties.

Croton – Codiaeum variegatum – Leaves and stems contain irritants; leaves attractive and showy and should be kept away from young children.

Lily of the valley – Convallaria majalis – Entire plant is poisonous.

*Cycad – Cycas revoluta – Toxic components occur throughout the entire plant.

*Bleeding hearts – Dicentra spp. – Toxic to both humans and animals.

Dumbcane – Dieffenbachia spp.-  Contains irritating calcium oxalate crystals, excruciatingly painful to mouth and  throat  if eaten.

*Foxglove – Digitalis purpurea – Contains potent digitaloids which have a direct influence on the muscles of the heart.

Scouringrush horsetail – Equisetum hyemale – Contains thaminase, which destroys thiamine in the body.

Poinsettia – Euphorbia pulcherrima – Plant exudes milky juice when cut or bruised, may irritate skin; ingesting  plant may produce stomach upset.

Edible Fig – Ficus carica – Fig dermatitis causes blistering and redness to skin and around mouth when eating fresh figs.

*Glorylily – Gloriosa superba – Entire plant is toxic esp. the tubers.

*English Ivy – Hedera helix – Leaves and berries moderately poisonous; keep small children away from berries. Leaves harmful to browsing livestock.

Hellebore – Hellebore spp. – Plants contain a mixture of toxic compounds.

Morning-glory – Ipomoea tricolor – Seeds hallucinogenic.

*Lantana – Lantana camara – Green unripe fruits, leaves highly toxic, sometimes fatal, to humans and animals.

Chinaberrytree – Melia azedarach – Leaves, bark, and fruit are toxic; eating 6 -8 berries can be lethal to a child.

*Oleander – Nerium oleander – All parts of it are toxic.

*Virginia creeper – Parthenocissus quinquefolia – Berries toxic; suspected of causing fatalities in children.

*Avocado – Persea americana – Leaves, bark, unripe fruit, and seeds toxic to animals and humans.

American Pokeweed – Phytolacca americana  - Entire plant, esp berries, highly toxic and potentially fatal.

Peach – Prunus persica – Toxic seeds, bark and leaves.

* Cherry laurel – Prunus laurocerasus – Leaves, roots, bark and seed kernels contain cyanide-producing compound; leaves sometimes mistakened for sweet bay laurel (Laurus nobilis), used for seasoning. .

Castorbean – Ricinus communis – Seeds violently poisonous, sometimes fatal, esp. for children.

*Black Locust – Robinia pseudoacacia – Entire plant potentially highly toxic; many cases of serious, even fatal poisoning in animals.

Poison ivy – Toxicodendron radicans – Entire plant is allergenic, causing severe and continuing skin irritation on contact for most people.

Wisteria – Wisteria spp. – All parts of the plant, esp. seeds and seedpods, are poisonous.