in the 
Military Park
You are invited to stop by the Heritage Demonstration Garden to see 
"what's growing" 
visit with any of the 
Master Gardeners 
who happen to be there. 
The Heritage Garden is a teaching demonstration garden.
    Visitors to the Heritage Demonstration Garden, a Vicksburg National Military Park and Warren County Master Gardeners partnership, have not seen a barren plot during the winter months.  A wide variety of herbs continued to flourish, some such as parsley and cilantro even preferring the cooler months.  There were many vegetables including broccoli, kale, turnips, onions, lettuce, chard, beets, among others providing beautiful edible food during winter.  The Heritage Demonstration Garden has proven gardening year-round is possible in our own backyards.  Due to a mild winter many annuals continued blooming far into the season.  The garden was a beautiful array of flowers, herbs and vegetable even during our coldest months.
 March, 2015



The Heritage Demonstration Garden’s focus is on the importance of the cottage garden to residents of Vicksburg during the 19th century and especially during and after the Siege of Vicksburg.  All supply routes were blocked.  Residents sought refuge in caves as the river city was bombarded.  They depended on stored food from their gardens to survive this difficult time.  Supplies were depleted quickly and many were on the verge of starvation. 



           Lasagna herb plot awaits planting in 2015 


  Plans to plant cotton, heirloom watermelon and cantaloupe, popcorn, the three sisters, as well as many other varieties of vegetables are underway.  Master Gardeners Sonny Hale and Dana Klimas have searched diligently to find seeds that will result in the biggest sunflower and largest pumpkin with thoughts of capturing a prize.  This year’s garden will feature some of the same plants as planted in 2014 such as heirloom tomatoes and okra but will also feature many different varieties such as gourds and popcorn this year.  Hyacinth beans with their glossy purple pods will adorn the picket fence again.  Flowering annuals and perennials will always be show-stoppers.  Herbs will abound.  Well-known varieties such as basil, sage, rosemary, thyme, oregano, and parsley will be found among other varieties which perhaps are not so common including fennel, lovage, chevil, lavender, chamomile, false indigo, lemon balm, and borage. 


The Heritage Demonstration Garden located on Pemberton Avenue in front of the Old Administration Building in the Vicksburg National Military Park is open during regular park hours.  You will often see Master Gardeners working there.  They are always eager to answer your questions.  Master Gardeners desire to inspire others to grow a garden in their own backyard … or front.  See how vegetables and herbs blend nicely with annuals and perennials in flowerbeds.  Herbs too are good companion plants with ornamentals and provide a welcome fragrance to the garden.  Many herbs are deer resistant.  You are invited to come see the Heritage Demonstration Garden and watch our garden grow.