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This scenario is based on the official Scenario 2 "Hakko Ichiu" with some elements of BabesLite mod. The main evolution is that French Indochina is placed in the game under Allied command and Thailand is placed under Japanese command (refer to historical background below).
The majority of French units in this mod was in theater (or in Indian Ocean) on December 7th 1941.  Others Indochina units added in the mod were planned to be sent to Indochina in real life but never reached it for various reasons (see the references for details).
Thaï forces are now detailled (sea, air, land) and are supposed to be intact at start (no 1941 French-Thaï war and Koh-Chang battle).
Free French units outside Indochina (New Caledonia, Polynesia) are adjusted and completed to be more close to history.
For same reasons ports, airfield and production/resources in various French controlled bases are adjusted.  For instance, Makatea island have now Resources points (phosphate).
Historical French reinforcements arriving from 1945 are also reviewed.
We use as much as possible real historical names for French Leaders and Pilots.

The mod .dat files are here under (copy in /SCEN folder) as well as the mod's illustrations (copy in /ART folder).
The ships and planes ART are in dedicated pages on this site.

Nota : AI scripts are not optimised for this version of War Options mod. I may introduce an AI version later.
Historical background :
French Indochina is a part of the French colonies since 1887, Laos being attached in 1899 to the "Union Indochinoise".  In 1938, after the Munich crisis, G. Mandel, Minister of Colonies launch an ambitious development plan with the aim of  strengthened France position in Europe : "France is not just an European  nation of 40,000,000 people, but a vast empire of 110,000,000, whose potential resources far exceed those of Germany".
This plan includes for Indochina itself, a modernization of the local troops but also a important industrialization  program. Mortars, bombs and ammunition factories were set up but also a work begun on an aircraft and engines assembly plant directed by the manufacturer Breguet, to be operational in the first months of 1941. School of aviation was also established [1].
Even before 1939 (occupation of Hainan then of Paracels and Spartly island), Japan expansionism was considered as a threat to the colony. According to Mandel, the best way to cope with was to keep the Japanese busy in China. Therefore, Red River railways into Yunnan Province was the main supply route for Chiang Kai-shek.
In June 1940, under Japanese pressure and considering the situation in France, Governor General of Indochina General Catroux acceded to Japan's request to close the Sino-Indochinese border temporary in order to save time, waiting from instruction from France and asking support directly to US and UK government [2].
Anyway, exchanges with China were never completely stopped.
On September 22nd 1940, losing its patience, Japanese Canton Army commander ordered attack near Lang Son (Tonkin). 2000 French troops face 30000 men. The city fall on September 26th and a cease fire is decided after intervention of the Emperor of Japan.  All Japanese forces withdraw on November  30th [3].
Following this incident, and as Japanese pretensions is increasing, the Vichy government decided to transfer additional troops and equipments from North Africa and Somali as dissuasive force (as allowed by June 1940 Armistice convention) [3][4]. In parallel, US government gives officially its support to local Governor and allows the transfer of planes blocked on ships in Antilles since the Armistice.
As Indochina invasion became more risky, Japan secretly started deeper discussion with Thailand from beginning of 1941.  However, Japan did not renounce to have access to all the French Indochina resources (coal, rice, rubber, zinc, tin,...).
Thailand primarily military government succumbed to Japanese pressure in acceding to an alliance and allowing the Japanese to use Thailand as a base for operations against Burma and Indochina. In exchange, the Japanese allowed the Thai to develop their armed forces and supported them in achieving some of their regional territorial ambitions (Laos and Cambodian territories were subject of disputes between Thailand and France from 1885 to 1907). From mid 41, Japanese "advisors" were sent to Thailand with the goal of expanding port and airfields facilities throughout the countries. From end of October 1941 first contingents of Japanese troops were deployed from Bangkok area.
This scenario explores what might have happened if Indochina had not been abandonned by all.
The game starts in December, 7th 1941.
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