Deity: Astoroth

Astoroth, Autarch of Arcadia
Minor Deity
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Innovation, Adaptation and Evolution, Technology and Magic
Worshippers: Arcadians
Cleric Alignments: NG, LN, N, CN, NE
Domains: artifice, knowledge, magic, travel
Subdomains: construct (artifice), divine (magic), mind (knowledge), trade (travel)
Favored Weapon: bastard sword

Appearance and Emissaries

Astoroth remains present in physical form, ascending beyond demi-god status but remaining upon Golarion rather than than completing Apotheosis. As such, while regarded as a god amongst the majority of Arcadians, other religions see him as something more akin to Razmir the Living God, little more than a tyrant. His active involvement in regional affairs have drawn the ire of several nations and interests both celestial and infernal.

After decades of active involvement in the running of Arcadian policy, Astoroth has recently been absent from mortal affairs. In public he appears as an immense, perfect combination of human power and elven grace. Light seems to emanate from his body, glinting off the magnificent skymetal and ruby armor encasing him. A pair of majestic feathered wings frame his presence in celestial beauty.

Astoroth utilizes many strange and occasionally frightening allies gained during his extraplanar adventures, from the legendary multi-limbed horror Syzygy to the beauteous presence of Clitorax the planetar and noble Amvarean, a silver dragon well recognized for acting as his messenger.

The Cult of Astoroth

Half ruler, half god, Astoroth has no formal Church.

There are three unofficial branches of the organization built around Astoroth, each feeling the comforting certainty that they work towards their god's goals. The informal followers of Astoroth's teachings are found across Arcadia, and revere him as their protector, a divine patron watching over them. The Inspired compose a more formal arm of the Cult of Astoroth, a group dedicated to spreading his vision and righteous aid throughout the lands that fall under his guardianship. Finally, the insular sect of inquisitors known as the Puella Magi function as the militant wing of the faith, with all Arcadians falling under their remit of protection and judgement.

Beyond the borders of Greater Arcadia, the Cult is generally held in low regard. Outside of specific experiences involving Arcadian adventurers, most folk see little difference between Razmir's claims and those of Astoroth's worshipers. Whether seen as pitifully misguided or insidiously manipulative, proclaiming allegiance to the Cult of Astoroth is considered a black mark beyond the borders.