About Us

The Warner Heroscapers are a small group of friends who meet nearly every month to play possible the best boardgame ever, Heroscape.  Heroscape is played on maps created by interlocking hex shaped tiles which combine to make a 3D environment for robots to battle dinosaurs or vampires to fight knights.  As it says it is the battle for all time.  The rules are relatively simple to learn how to start playing but require good strategy to win against experienced opponents.  If you've never played, you should try it.

The current players are:
"Just in time" Jeff 
"Mighty" Matt
Dave "the Destroyer"
"Reluctant" Rob  
"MIA" Tom 
"Blasting" Ben
Andy "the Annihilator"
Kal "the Krusher"  

2012 Season
I have instigated a different style of play for the 2012 season.  Each player will represent a General and have a commander unit that doesn't count towards the point buy for each game.  This is fixed on the first game that each player plays.  The season will be won purely on For/Against % with each win giving the winning player/s a bonus 500 points to their total.

Jeff is representing Aquilla and his commander is Sujoah
Matt is representing Vydar and his commander is Sudema
Rob is representing Ullar and his commander is Sonlen
Dave is representing Jandar and his commander is Sgt Drake Alexander (SOTM)
Tom is representing Utgar and his commander is Cyprien Essenwein
Ben is representing Einar and his commander is Kato Katsuro
Kal is representing Utgar and his commander is Taelord the Kyrie Warrior
Andy is representing Utgar and his commander is Shurrrak