Activity CV of Christi Warner

Basic Information:

  • Location:                   Oxford, UK       
  • Home town:              Windhoek, Namibia
  • Height:                       1.73 m
  • Build:                          Average
  • Hair:                            black
  • Eyes:                           hazel brown
  • Accents:                     Standard British, Namibian English, Standard                                                     American, Cape Town couloured
  • Nationality:             Namibian/Black African
  • Citizenship:             Italian
  • Playing age:              20 - 36
  • Voice:                         Contralto   
  • Membership:           Namibian Society of Composers & Authors of                                                         Music (NASCAM)          

Overall Skills:

Computer Literate: Excellent typing skills, Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Photoshop, Internet.

Theatre for Development Workshop Facilitator, Workshop Organiser, Editing, Basic Office Administration, Fundraising.

Theatre Reviewer, Playwright, Performance Poet, Singer & Songwriter, Creative Writer.


(Year, Activity, Role, Production Name, Company, Director)

  • 2009, Theatre Classes, Trainer & Director, Committed Artists of Namibia, Freddy Phillander
  • 2002, Play, Tree & understudy, Friends, National Theatre of Namibia, Tanya Terblanche
  • 2001, Promotional Campaign, Narrator & Host, The Sparletta Campaign, Coca-Cola Namibia Beverages
  • 2001, Play, Facilitator & Narrator, Can we fight it?, Peace Corps Namibia, Christi Warner
  • 2000, Play, Facilitator & Narrator, Can we fight it?, VSO Namibia, Christi Warner
  • 1997, Play, Scriptwriter & Facilitator, The man and his idea, Namibia Non Governmental Organisation's Forum (NANGOF)/Bricks Community Project, Christi Warner
  • 1996, Play, The narrator & the woman, The woman and the giant, Bricks Community Project, Joseph Molapong
  • 1994, Dance Drama, Facilitator and scriptwriter, Farm girl in the city, Bricks Kids in arts Project, Christi Warner

Film, Television, Movies & Videos:

(Year, Activity, Production Name, Role, Company)
  • 2008, Music Video, One on One, Producer/Singer/Songwriter/Art Director, AfroChica Entertainment
  • 2006, Music Video, Imagining Things, Singer/Songwriter, Myndz Community
  • 2006, Music Video, Upara, Singer/Sonwriter, Myndz Community
  • 2005, Music Video, You and I belong by Percival Rinquest, Producer, Myndz Community & AfroChica Entertainment
  • 2004, Drama Series for Television, Big City, Acting as Lawyer, Namibia Broadcasting Corporation (NBC)
  • 2003 - 2002, Television Music Show, Soul Makhosa, Presenter & Scriptwriter, Namibia Broadcasting Corporation (NBC)

Radio Dramas:

(Year, Production Name, Role, Background, Company)
  • 2006, The wedding, Main role - Sister Gerty/Nurse, Namibia Broadcasting Corporation & Desert Soul Productions
  • 2005, The Laughter of Patience, Main role - mother/Petra, Anti-Coruption Radio Drama, Office of the Ombudsman & Midea Institute of Southern Africa Namibia
  • 2005, The Remains of my life, Main role - Ms Hanna/Mother, Government Decentralisation Radio Drama, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting


(Year, Title, Role, Newspaper/Organisation/Publisher)

  • 2010, Poetry Class, Column contributer, New Era Namibia
  • 2010, POETREE, Editor, Township Productions
  • 2009, Poetry Class, Column contributer, New Era Namibia
  • 2009, Leef jou drome passievol (Afrikaans Poetry book), Editor & Producer, AfroChica Entertainment & First National Bank of Namibia
  • 2008 - 2009, POETREE, Editor, Township Productions
  • 2007, Workplace Policy on HIV & AIDS, Content & Storyline creator, Walvis Bay Corridor Group & German Technical Cooperation (GTZ)
  • 2005, In Search of Questions Poetry book, Co-editor & contributer, Basler Africa Bibliographen
  • 2005, One hundred Short Plays, Contributer, New Namibia Books
  • 2000, Poetically Speaking, Collector & contributer, Franco Namibia Cultural Centre & PAWN 
  • 1998, We opened the door and saw ourselves (poetry booklet), contributer of poems, New Namibia Books & Kitso Poets

Plays Written:

(Year, Title, Performed by, Where)

  • 2009, The Big Surprise (A play about Orphans), Rehearsed with the Herman Gmeiner Primary School
  • 2009, A Forgotten People (About the San people of Namibia)
  • 2006, Slaap-kamer praaitjies (Bedroom Talk - Afrikaans Play), Walvis Bay Theatre Group, Walvis Bay
  • 1997, The man and his idea, Black Gold Drama Group, Namibia Non-governmental Organisation's Forum (Nangof) Convention
  • 1994, Farm girl in the City, Kids In Arts Drama Group
  • 1993, Clarice (HIV play for children), Kids In Arts Drama Group

Workshops Attended:

(Year, Country, Activity, Role, Company/Organisors)
  • 2010, Deptford/UK, Storytelling for children, Participant, Once Upon A Story/Gemma Hannah
  • 2005, Tanzania, Women in Theatre Convention, Presenter & Participant, Southern Africa Theatre Initiative (SATI), Tanzania
  • 2004 March, Namibia, Working for Women in Democracy, Participant, Women's Campaign International (USA)
  • 1996, Vienna/Austria, World Youth Forum of the United Nations Conference, Austria Youth Forum
  • 1995, Zimbabwe, Arts and Cultural Administration Workshop, Participant, Zimbabwe Association of Community Theatre (ZACT)
  • 1994, Zimbabwe, Theatre Training of Trainers Workshop, Participant, ZACT
  • 1993, Zimbabwe, Theatre in Health Education Workshop, Participant, ZACT

Music & Poetry Performances:

(Year, Activity, Event, Company/Organisers)
  • 2010-03-13, Poetry, Good grief it's a Goddess, Oxford International Woman's Festival at the East Oxford Community Centre, Oxford Sexual Abuse & Rape Crisis Centre
  • 2010-03-12, Music, Wonderful Woman Cabaret, Oxford International Women's Festival, Cancer Research UK, Ruskin College in memory of Kate Garett
  • 2010-03-07, Music, Rafiqi music performance, Spredluv Lockside Lounge, Spredluv
  • 2009-07-23, poetry performance, Celebration of Literature, Franco Cultural Centre,
  • 2009-06-24, Poetry Performance, RAEIN-Africa (Doreen Shumba-Mnyulwa - Organisation Director)
  • 2009-06-22, Music performance, World Music Day, Franco Cultural Centre
  • 2009-05-30, Poetry & Music Performance, English as an Official Language Conference, British Council & University of Namibia
  • 2009-04-17, Poetry Performance, Namibia -America Open Mic Night, American Cultural Centre, Mr. Ray Castillo (Organisor)
  • 2009-03-20, Class Performance, English department, Univeristy of Namibia (UNAM)
  • 2009-03-18, Music Performance, Dance Mamma Book Launch, Township Productions
  • 2009-03-14, Poetry Performance, World Poetry Day, Franco Cultural Centre
  • 2008, Class Performance, English department, UNAM
  • 2008-08-02, Music Performance, National Aids Awareness Tour, WellnessPlex Global Health Foundation, Valentina Nghiwete
  • 2007-11-09, Poetry Performance, Sanlam Women's Breakfast Meeting, Sanlam Namibia
  • 2007-11-07, Poetry Performance, Spoken Word All Stars, Spoken Word Namibia
  • 2006, showcase, Selectasound/Exetere Hall talent gig, Selectasound Oxford, Kevin Jenkins
  • 2006, showcase, Selectasound/Bullingdons talent gig, Selectasound Oxford, Kevin Jenkins
  • 2006, poetry performance, poet, Spoken Word Historic day, Spoken Word, Christi Warner 
  • 2006, poetry performance, poet, National Literacy Week, Literacy Campaign Windhoek, Molapong
  • 2006, poetry performance, poet, Opening ceremony National Theatre administrators workshop, Southern Africa Theatre Initiative (SATI), Christi Warner
  • 2006, poery performance, poet, Return of the comedy king Bank Windhoek Festival, Bank Windhoek Festival, Joseph Molapong & Christi Warner
  • 2006, poetry reading, poet, UNAM International Programme, PLU Wang Center for International Programmes & the University of Namibia, Barbara Temple-Thurston & PLU students
  • 2005-03-31, Poetry Performance, Launch of Booklet In Search of Questions, Volker Winterveldt (Organisor)
  • 2005, show, performer, Soul Sistas Poetry and song, American Cultural Center, Christi Warner
  • 2005, poetry reading, poet, Namibian woman's magazine launch, State House, Hilda Basson
  • 2005, poetry performance, poet, One Love, Spoken Word, Spoken Word
  • 2005, poetry performance, poet, Kitso Poets, Windhoek Cultural Festival, Joseph Molapong
  • 2003, Festival, perform with XPlode, World Music Day, Franco Namibia Cultural Centre, Christi
  • 2002, Festival, perform with XPlode, World Music Day, Franco Namibia Cultural Centre, Christi
  • 2001, Festival, perform with XPlode, World Music Day, Franco Namibia Cultural Centre, Christi
  • 2000, Fundraising show, performer, Fundraising for Artists, Namibia Artist Union, ORUANO
  • 1997-08-19, Poetry Performance with Kitso Poets, Namibia Deutsche Stiftung (NaDS) - organisors

Workshops Facilitated:

(Year, Activity, Role, Production, Company, Reference)
  • 2009 December, Film workshop, Facilitator/Producer/Mentor, Witvlei Orphans' Film Workshop, Witvlei Council & Children of Our Villages, Witvlei Council
  • 2008 October, Poetry workshop, Facilitator, College of the Arts, Katutura, Lucky Pieters
  • 2008 (28-29 April), Forum Theatre presentation, Facilitator, Hardap Region/Rehoboth, MISA Namibia & Nam Literacy Campaign, Matthew Haikali
  • 2008 (22-23 April), Forum Theatre presentation, Facilitator, Erongo Region/Swakopmund Listener group training, MISA Namibia & Namibia Literacy Campaign, Matthew Haikali
  • 2008 (15-16 April), Forum Theatre presentation, Facilitator, Katima Mulilo Listener group training, MISA Namibia & Namibia Literacy Campaign, Matthew Haikali
  • 2008 (03-04 April), Forum Theatre presentation, Facilitator, Eenhana Listener group training, MISA Namibia & Nam Literacy Campaign, Matthew Haikali
  • 2006, HIV & Forum Theatre Workshop, Master Trainer, Gobabis HIV/AIDS Forum Theatre Workshop, Ministry of Youth National Services, Sports & Culture Global Fund Project, Directorate of Culture (Andre Strauss)
  • 2006, Arts in HIV workshop, Facilitator, Arts in HIV/AIDS Workshop, Ministry of Youth National Services, Sports & Culture, Directorate of Arts (Retha Louise-Hofmyr)  
  • 2000, Poetically Speaking Workshop, Facilitator, Poets Against War & Nuclear Weapons (PAWN), Siballi Kgobetsi