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Press Release

Oxford based Namibian-born Author Releases Poetry Collection

The Namibian writer, Christi N. Warner who lives in Oxford UK, 

has just released her latest collection of works, titled:

Ice Cream and Politics, reflecting on the pride, volatility, and vulnerability of life. 

In recent times, Namibia has suffered from a plethora of social-economic challenges, especially poverty and unemployment as it emerged from colonial rule. As a result, many people of Namibian descent are passionate about addressing the problems that face Namibia as well as the rest of the world. One of these passionate individuals who has kept her thumb on the pulse of the world is the UK-based, Namibian-born poet Christi N. Warner. She has recently launched a compilation of her works, titled: Ice Cream and Politics. Warner hopes that, by using the medium of poetry, she can do her part to raise awareness on a variety of global issues.

This sort of artistic dedication is the same drive felt by the muckrakers of progressive eras and exposing photographers like the famed Jacob Riis. Christi Warner feels a commitment to incite a conversation about vital topics such as gender equality, violence against women, and the importance of protecting children. To achieve this goal, she has taken a relatively conservative approach that has been historically favoured in the field of poetry to represent problems through symbols and a variety of literary devices. In this way, her work is easily digestible for any reader, yet every line contains depthful meanings that cause one to ponder. 

Aside from her use of symbolic representation, Warner displays a mastery in the use of arsenal of literary tools. Her use of tempo and structure alone are enough to provide the reader a crisp understanding of Warner’s positions and ideas. Her unique writing voice strikes very loudly and clearly in juxtaposing the seriousness of the topics being discussed without downplaying their importance. 

Dan Holloway, an acclaimed Oxford writer, has praised this very voice of Warner, stating 

“Christi Warner brings lyricism to every part of what it means to be human, though never in a way that masks or glamorises. 

The result is something proud, fierce, and above all dignified.”

With a flair of feminism awareness and a focus on equality and exposing inequality, Warner employs a tone that is evocative, fearless, and unapologetic. Speaking to the title of the poetry collection, Ice Cream and Politics, Warner writes:

“Yes love is personal, it’s emotional but when we hurt ourselves, our children and each other, love should become a political affair.” 

Those interested in learning more about the problems facing today’s world and experiencing the passion held by Christi Warner are encouraged to check out Ice Cream and Politics, available now on Amazon in both electronic and paperback forms.