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Namibian-born author Christi N. Warner, who lives in Oxford UK, released her latest collection of works titled: Ice Cream and Politics, reflecting on the pride, volatility and vulnerability of life. 

With a flair of feminism awareness and a focus on equality and exposing inequality, Warner employs a tone that is evocative, fearless and unapologetic. 

Speaking to the title of her poetry collection Warner writes:

"Yes, love is personal, it's emotional but when we hurt each other, love should become a political affair."    

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Ice Cream and Politics is a poetry collection about the complex nature of love, gender equality, the horror of violence on women and the vulnerability of children.

In the wake of a long struggle for Namibia's freedom from colonial rule, the birth pangs of independence and the self-discovery of a nation, comes a rare poetic voice from the youth, in the form of Christi Warner, engaged in her own search for answers. 

(Gwen Lister, Multiple award-winning Namibian journalist, publisher, and press freedom advocate)

Christi Warner's poems slow the clock and invite us to take a closer look at the many dimensions of lives that are both ordinary and extraordinary. Her poems lift the covers off lives of daily struggle, pain, and deprivation. 

(Athol Williams, South African poet, social philosopher and twice Sol Plaatje European Union Poetry Award winner)

Christi Warner brings lyricism to every part of what it means to be human, though never in a way that masks or glamorises. The result is something proud, fierce, and above all dignified. 

(Dan Holloway, Oxford based writer, publisher and promoter)

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Short Bio

Christi N. Warner is a Namibian-born creative writer and artist based in Oxford, UK. She has dabbled in everything from song-writing to theatre and has a passion for poetry since childhood. In Namibia, she worked for the Non-government Organisation, Bricks Community Project, using her skills to empower the community around her. Inspired by her ability to help others, Warner has created, Ice Cream and Politics, receiving praise from a variety of prominent African and British writers.

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