Introduction to

Warlokk's Female Bodyshape Variety Series


for The Sims 2

Or, What the Hell is a BodyShape, and why do I care?

From the Original Female BodyShape Variety Project post, 9-18-05, where it all began:

  • "Hello Fellow Simmers/Modders/Download Addicts!

    OK, here we go... ever since the Sims2 came out, I was always disappointed with the lack of variety of body shapes and sizes that were available in the game. Everyone was the same shape or size, other than the minor variations of fitness levels.  Thanks mostly to the work and advice of Marvine, with a little help from Kathy over at InSIMinator, the lack of variety is over!  

    After MANY hours of work and experimentation, including figuring out how to use SimPE and Milkshape for the first time, I am proud to present my Female BodyShape Variety Project.

    Included in these files are the parts needed to make a wide variety of women of all shapes and sizes, organized by body measurements. Tops are sorted by a bra-size equivalent (OK they're probably not perfect but my girlfriend says they're real close), and the bottoms are by Hip size. Both are assuming a Maxis default of 34B top and 34" Hips, which is where I started from with the meshes."

  • "But the neat thing is, thanks to the methods Marvine worked out and helped me through, a sim with these skintones will have the bodyshape indicated when they are naked! No more shrinking sims when they shower! Now, you will still have to put clothes on them to match their body sizes if you want them to stay consistent, but we've already been doing that with the clothing body sizes, so that's nothing new. The clothing I created is all clearly marked with the body sizes it is intended for, so it should be easy to figure out. Also, keep in mind you won't see any difference in the bodyshape in CAS or BodyShop... these meshes only show when they are truly nude, which only happens in-game."

  • "These meshes are fully morph-compatible, so Fat/Fit/Pregnancy effects work fine. Apply the Fat setting to some of the larger sizes to see some pretty dramatic shapes!

    My intention was to release the basic building blocks needed to create a variety of women's body shapes in the game... now it's up to you to dress them up! Feel free to modify, retexture (they aren't my textures anyway, they're all Maxis), mangle, mutate and do anything you want with these, because I'm tired now and I want you all to create new stuff for my new ladies! "  

This was the beginning of a project that has been going on for over a year, and the basic goal has never changed.  New meshing techniques and modding information has allowed me to expand and improve on this project, and has resulted in the new Hi-Res BodyShape Series.

The initial offering of the Hi-Res BodyShape collection consists of a variety of top and bottom sizes, from 34A through 36DDD busts, and 32" through 40" Hips.  To allow the sizes to be interchangeable, I have kept the waist size for this series at the default, which I estimate to be about 28", to allow us to combine all the top sizes with all the bottom sizes, to create a huge variety of body shapes for your sim gals.  

The collection now also includes a variety of custom Bodyshapes, each with a specific theme in mind, that include a Hi-Res Nude & Skintone and a special selection of outfits for each shape.  These include the Classic Pinup, the PowerGirl, the Renaissance Gal, and the Fashion Model, with more to come! 

Newcomers should be aware, this series is HUGE... most top sizes include a Natural and Enhanced version, and are created in all of the 5 available bottom sizes, so most will have 10 different varieties of every full-body outfit I create for them.   Your Download folder will be very full, and your Create-A-Sim (CAS) Catalog will be stuffed to the brim with outfits and skintones.  There will be Collection files to help sort things out eventually, but nothing can change the fact that this series is intimidating.  However, the massive number of files and outfits also gives you a huge amount of flexibility in how you create your sims, so I've always felt it was worth the effort required on the part of the user.

I strive for at least some level of realism in all my meshes, which is why I stopped at the 36DDD for the top sizes, and 40" for the hips.  Anything larger tends to look cartoonish, and does not generally work well in the game due to clipping and animation issues.  However, I also know from observation that there are indeed women on this planet of ours who fit every single shape and size I have created... in fact I have barely scratched the surface.  All of my shapes are inspired by the women I see around me every single day, and are not just a product of my imagination.  I am not seeking anyone's moral approval for any of my work, if you don't like these bodies and think they're offensive, I really, REALLY don't care... the world is full of all sorts of shapes and sizes, so I try to make my work reflect the same.  If you don't like a particular shape, don't download them, I promise I won't come to your house and force you to...  maybe one of my other shapes is more to your taste, or maybe not, that's OK.  I make almost all of my work available to everyone for free, and create them for my own enjoyment, so I feel nobody has the right to tell me what I should or should not be making.  If you don't like it, don't download it, it's as simple as that.  If there's something specific you'd like to see that I haven't made yet, drop me a line on the various forums and I'll take it into consideration.  Odds are, if you're offended by something I've made, I obviously do not share your moral view of the world, so complaining to me about it will not do any good whatsoever.  I'm a liberal, open-minded hippy heavy-metal geek with formal art training and a strong appreciation for the female form, and I make what I like, and share it with the rest of the community as repayment for all the great stuff I've gotten from them in the past, and all the help I've gotten in making my own projects.

So, if you have been looking for some way to make your Sim Ladies a little different, for some variety in the shapes of all the women in Sim-Land, and are willing to do a little work on your part to make it all happen, I happily present the Female BodyShape Variety Project!

Here's a few links to get you started:

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