Warlokk's Tower Workshop

"Give me the sense to wonder,

to wonder if I'm free

Give me a sense of wonder,

to know I can be me."

Iron Maiden, "Can I Play With Madness"

Workshop for the

Female Bodyshape Variety Project

for The Sims 2

--The place to find the current news and updates on what's going on with this project.

If you are a newcomer to the series, please check out the following pages:

Introduction to Warlokk's Female Bodyshape Variety Series

- An explanation of how this all started and what it is

Warlokk's Bodyshape Guide

- How to install and use the Bodyshape Sets

Bodyshape Catalog

-Sample Screenshots of available sizes in Hi-Res Bodyshape Collection

Warlokk's Tower Tip Jar

All my meshes are created in my spare time, as a source of enjoyment for myself. However, a LOT of hours have gone into this project, with much more to come. If you'd like to give a little something back, you can drop a tip in the Tip Jar... just click the button!

Regarding InSIMENATOR.net and InSIMAdult

Due to recent changes in management and a general exodus from the sites by the community, both sites are largely offline and most creators' content is in the process of being removed.  I am sad to give up my long-time home at InSIM, but under the current situation I cannot keep my work posted there.  All of my files will be removed from both sites, and will soon be available at MTS2 and SXS2 (see links), as well as possibly another new home for The Tower in the near future.


I personally have no ill feelings towards the former owners of the sites, and honestly wish them the best, they were instrumental in my project's very existence.  While I disagree with how the transition was handled, I understand how real-life demands can sometimes require difficult decisions.


My Bodyshape Project, including Hi-Res and XHi-Res versions, will always remain free, and will soon be posted in it's new homes, hopefully in a more organized and easier-to-understand format as well.


***UPDATE*** The IS and ISA sites are back online in their new locations, everything should be available again.  Check the links below.

HUGE thanks to TheMysticalOne at InSIM for the following: 

Links to Bodyshape sets organized by size

 Be sure to check out his webcomic "Fodi" while you're there!

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Sexy Sims 2



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Pandora Sims 2

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Latest News: 

12-7-08: ToonGal, Voluptuous and Faerie XHi-Res sets posted to SXS2, new IS and ISA sites online.

12-4-08: ToonGal, Voluptuous and Faerie Clothing Sets posted to MTS2.  Nudes and skintones, as well as XHi-Res series, will be posted at SXS2 as soon as I have time.

2-25-08: Clothing Set 2 for Voluptuous Bodyshape released at InSIM! 

2-11-08: Xhi-Res Faerie Bodyshape released at InSIMAdult, clothing set at InSIM! 

1-29-08: XHi-Res Voluptuous Bodyshape set released at InSIMAdult, clothing set at InSIM! 

1-10-08: XHi-Res Bodyshape Size Meshes released at InSIMAdult!

11-24-07: ToonGal Clothing Set 2 released at InSIM!

11-19-07: ToonGal Base Set and XHi-Res Set released at InSIM and InSIMAdult!

11-13-07: XHi-Res BootyGal released at InSIMAdult!

11-5-07: XHi-Res Rio released at InSIMAdult!

11-4-07: XHi-Res PowerGirl released at InSIMAdult!

11-3-07: XHi-Res Default Replacement Set released at InSIMAdult!

10-30-07: XHi-Res Meshes have been updated to include Marvine's Dance Loop compatibility! Yes, they're jiggly! See InSIMAdult for details.

10-22-07: XHi-Res Renaissance Gal released at InSIMAdult!

10-21-07: XHi-Res sets for Classic Pinup and Fashion Model are available at InSIMAdult!

10-9-07: XHi-Res Base Set released at InSIMAdult!

8-24-07: New Minion added to Tower Staff!

8-6-07: XHi-Res Nude Base Meshes Beta released at InSIMAdult, feedback needed so check them out!

6-10-07: Rio Clothing Set 3 released at InSIM, Set 2 released at MTS2!

6-3-07: Rio Clothing Set 2 released at InSIM, Clothing Set 1 and Nude set released at MTS2/SXS2!

5-29-07: Rio Bodyshape released at InSIM and InSIMAdult!

5-27-07: BootyGal Clothing Set 2 released at MTS2! (I forgot! :P)

5-7-07: BootyGal Clothing Set 2 released at InSIM!

4-29-07: BootyGal Bodyshape released at MTS2 and SS2!

4-22-07: New BootyGal Bodyshape released at InSIM and InSIMadult, FM Clothing Set 2 posted to MTS2!

4-6-07: RenGal Period Outfits posted to MTS2, FM Clothing Set 2 posted to InSIM!

3-26-07: RenGal Peroid Outfits posted to InSIM!

3-25-07: RenGal and FashionModel uploaded to MTS2 and SS2!

3-18-07: New Renaissance Gal and Fashion Model Bodyshapes released at InSIM and InSIMAdult!

2-18-07: New PowerGirl bodyshape released, with several outfit sets at InSIM and MTS2!

1-27-07: New outfits from Glamour Life Stuff released for the Classic Pinup Bodyshape, available at InSIM and MTS2!

1-15-07: New alpha mesh outfit Sheer Fur-Trimmed Robe for normal Maxis-default size gals and the Classic Pinup are available at InSIM and MTS2!

1-13-07: New clothing from University and Nightlife expansions for the Classic Pinup bodyshape released at InSIM and MTS2!

1-7-07: Happy New Year! To celebrate, we've got a new 34De-36 Maid, and the brand-new Classic Pinup Bodyshape at InSIM and MTS2, with Hi-Res Nudes and skintone available at InSIMAdult and SS2!

12-10-06: 36DDD Full-Body Base Set released at InSIM and MTS2!

11-24-06: 34C Full-Body Base Set released at InSIM and MTS2!

11-12-06: Teen C Full-Body Base Set released at InSIM and MTS2!

10-22-06: 34D Full-Body Base Set released at InSIM and MTS2!

10-14-06: Teen A Full-Body Base Set released at MTS2 and InSIM!

10-7-06: Teen A & C Top Separates Released at InSIM and MTS2!

8-26-06: 34A Full-Body Base Set released at InSIM and MTS2!

8-10-06: Complete Hi-Res Nude Collection released at SS2 and The Dungeon at Warlokk's Tower!

7-16-06: Hi-Res Alpha Tshirt & Skirt outfit released!

7-8-06: Tops Separates for all remaining sizes have been released!

7-2-06: Hi-Heels outfits released for Bottoms Set and 34DD sizes, 34A Top Separates released!

6-27-06: New EXCLUSIVE SpicyGal Meshes and Outfits available at SpicySims.com in the Donations Downloads section!

6-24-06: Teen D Base Set released at InSIM and MTS2, Hi-Res Teen B and D Full-Body Nudes released at SS2 and the Dungeon at InSIM!

6-18-06: New Bodyshape Tutorial posted!

6-11-06: DD Full-Body Base Set released at InSIM and MTS2!

6-10-06: SexySims2 is open, newest stuff uploaded!

5-27-06: DD Top Separates, and a custom 34A "MillaJ" bodyshape released!

5-21-06: Xenos Heroine Tribute, 34DD Full-Body Nude/Topless released at InSIM, in the adult section.

Here's a shot of the various top sizes in the Hi-Res Bodyshape series.  Each size is available as a separate package with a Natural and Enhanced version, A through DDD.


Here's an early shot of the DD Enhanced top. 


Teens are included in each size as well, with a Small, Large and XL bottom, and A, C and D tops.  Shown is the D top and XL bottom sizes.  Adult-Teen sizes are matched logically in the Skintone packages, so your larger Adult sims can start off as larger Teens as well, or smaller of course.

Nudes and certain clothing items will use a modified Hi-Res mesh, allowing more anatomically correct details such as nipples and rounder breasts and buttocks, also allowing for better shapes when resizing.



A selection of DD tops, both Natural and Enhanced, has been released!

34DD Base Set Outfits, with clothing items in all categories for your DD Natural and Enhanced sims, has been released!

The Teen D Base set has been released, with full-body and Top Separate clothes for the well-endowed teen!

Exclusive SpicyGal Meshes and clothing now available at SpicySims.com!  This unique Bodyshape features a slim-waisted, curvaceous figure sure to turn heads!  Exclusive sexy  outfits also available by the talented team at SpicySims.com!


34A Tops Separates have been released!  5 different tops in the 34A top size in Everyday Tops.

Hi-Heels outfits for 34DD and Bottoms Set 34B default sizes have been released!  This sexy Mini Dress with heels, plus an Undies & Heels mesh, are available in the various bottoms sizes.

The Tops Separates Sets for all remaining sizes have been released!  34Bnat, 34Cenh/nat, 34Denh/nat and 36DDDenh/nat.

My first Alpha-Layer oufit/mesh has been released!  This Tshirt & Skirt combo layers over my Hi-Res nude body, to allow a wide range of different outfit types!

34A Full-Body Base Set has been released, consisting of 8 outfits for the 34A Top size with 32 thru 40" Hips!




Teen A & C Top Separates have been released, with a Polo, Tank Top and Tshirt for each size!


Teen A Full-Body Set has been released, with 8 outfits for each hip size in the Teen A top size!

34D Full-Body Base Sets are available, with Nat and Enh sizes in 32" thru 40" Hips!



Teen C Full-Body Base set has been released, in all 4 hip sizes!

34C Full-Body Base Sets are available with 32-40" Hips in Natural and Enhanced sizes!

36DDD Full-Body Base Sets are finished, with 34-40" Hips in Natural and Enhanced versions!

34De-36 Maid Outfit and NPC replacer is available!

NEW Classic Pinup Bodyshape, recalling the golden age of the Silver Screen and the Pinups of the 50's and 60's, is available!  Clothing set at InSIM/MTS2, Hi-Res Nudes and Skintone at the adult sites!  Also works for Elders!


University Set for the Classic Pinup is available, with 4 new meshes!

New Nightlife outfits are available for the Classic PInup too!

New Sheer Fur-Trimmed Robe released, a brand-new alpha mesh!

Sheer Robe for the Classic Pinup also released!

Glamour Life Stuff outfits for the Classic Pinup Bodyshape are available!

New PowerGirl Bodyshape is complete!  This new shape is inspired by comic superheroes and fantasy art characters, and has several outfit sets available at InSIM and MTS2!

New Renaissance Gal Bodyshape is finished!  Complete clothing starter set and Hi-Res nudes are available at InSIM/InSIMAdult and MTS2/SS2!

The Fashion Model Bodyshape is also finished, with starter clothing set and nudes at InSIM/InSIMAdult and MTS2/SS2!


The RenGal Period Outfits set posted at InSIM and MTS2, with formal and everyday outfits in a variety of styles!

The Fashion Model Clothing Set 2 is available at InSIM and MTS2, with some stylish new everyday and formal outfits for the FM Bodyshape!

The new BootyGal Bodyshape has been released, with nudes and heels at InSIMadult, and the first set of clothing at InSIM!

BootyGal's Clothing Set 2 is released at MTS2 and InSIM, with 6 new outfits!

The new Rio Bodyshape, inspired by a Brazilian model with "badunk-a-dunk", is released at InSIM/InSIMAdult and MTS2/SXS2!

Rio Clothing Set 2 released at InSIM, with 8 new dresses for the Rio bodyshape!

Rio Clothing Set 3 released at InSIM, with 8 new fun outfits for the Rio Bodyshape!

The new ToonGal Bodyshape is released!  Base clothing set and XHi-Res set currently available, for a whopping 14 outfits total!

Clothing Set 2 for the ToonGal Bodyshape is released at InSIM, 10 more outfits in Everyday, Formal, PJ's and Workout!

The Voluptuous Bodyshape has been released, with XHi-Res nudes and clothing at InSIMadult, and base clothing set at InSIM!

The Faerie Bodyshape has been released, with XHi-Res nudes and clothing at InSIMAdult, and a clothing set at InSIM!

Clothing Set 2 for the Voluptuous Bodyshape has been released at InSIM, with 8 more outfits for your Voluptuous Sims!