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10 Reasons Why Portable Temporary Buildings Are Beneficial

Are you thinking of expanding your business with operational space and new property? Well, you can achieve the perfect balance by incorporating portable temporary buildings into the long-term business objectives. Here at TWS, we have worked with numerous businesses to expand their operations and grow their business by using temporary building projects at very affordable costs. Here are a few reasons why you should consider portable temporary buildings for managing risk and growth.

Low Investment

Whether you buy or hire portable temporary buildings, the investment is considerably smaller compared to using a permanent structure. Numerous customers have reported saving at least 70% when purchasing these structures. Additionally, renting them out is always a small cost that can be counted in your operational budget rather than a capital expenditure.

Flexible Investments

There are numerous finance options available with portable temporary buildings. You can always choose quarterly or monthly hire, buyback options, outright purchases, hire to buy or lease-purchase. Therefore, you have lots of flexible options to choose from.

Temporary Warehouse

Incredibly Low Financial Risk

The lowest risk financial option is the hire contracts proposition. Here, you can hire for a certain period then return the building or extend your contract if needed. You can also choose to buy it outright and sell it once you have finished using it. You can either choose to sell it to the supplier or another buyer in the open market. With these options you can expand quickly and make contracts in line with any external factors.

Quicker Return

These buildings are quick to install and supply. Regardless of whether they are manufactured to order rather than being supplied from stock, the turn-around will be weeks as opposed to months. Once they arrive to the site, the warehouse building takes as little as a week to install. If you’re expanding your business for growth reasons, you can enjoy the expansion very quickly.

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Healthy Return

The return from the growth opportunities is very quick. Additionally, if you compare the little initial investment, the returns are healthy which means you can get a profitable return to continue your business effortlessly.

Under One Roof

With portable temporary buildings, you can easily do all the warehousing and storage under one roof. You need the space to build on but if that’s not on the agenda, you can start cutting off the extra costs associated with hiring off site. For instance, you can reduce costs such as stock control, fuel, security and time. It’s a good way to keep everything economical, effortless and risk-free.

Temporary Warehouse

Temporary Warehouse

Trial Basis

The temporary space is good enough to try out new processes, products and systems before making larger investments or any other long-term resources. You can use this time to make corrections and identify any mistakes before integrating any crucial change to a long term business strategy.

Reduced Disruption

The installation process of a portable temporary building is very easy and fast. Actually, there’s very little to no disruption to your business daily operations. So there’s no downtime or the additional disruptions always associated with a long-term construction project.

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Beat The Competitors

Numerous business opportunities require a fast response. New orders, tenders or customers might demand the evidence of an extra storage or operational space before hiring you for anything. By installing portable temporary buildings for a short period of time can nudge a new customer or guarantee a tender that could have otherwise gone to the competition. Thanks to these buildings you can always get new clients and make more revenue.

Utilizing Space

If you’re looking to convert any dead space on a site, you can always do so with a portable temporary building. Once you’re done with the building, you can remove it leaving very little to no evidence it was actually there. You can always transform the space in another way. Therefore, you don’t need to waste any space in your site because you can utilize everything accordingly.

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Portable temporary buildings are amazing for managing growth against any risk. They are easy to install, come in simple design thus leaving no room for error. Therefore, you can count on all the benefits outlined above for your business if you hire or rent portable temporary buildings. There are numerous options to choose from. Basically, there are various designs and specifications that offer basic weather protection with a steel roof and fully insulated unit as well as other options.

They are beneficial for operational and storage options and you can always get one, thanks to the flexible financial options in place.  With the unfavorable political and economic climate, it’s always good to consider these options because you can save a lot of money in the short term and make more money with new customers and tenders. Therefore, if you’re looking for a good short-term way to achieve your business objectives, you should definitely consider these portable temporary buildings.

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