First, our team would like to thank the New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge for making the project possible. Next, we would like to thank Elizabeth Cooper who was our mentor this year. She helped us with creating the simulation and proofreading the final report. Our team would also like to thank our teacher Lee Goodwin, who provided encouragement throughout the year. Many experts advised us on the development of our project and we would like to recognize their valuable input and assistance as well. John Snider answered questions we had related to the warehouse business, which he currently works in. His input was useful in cementing our grasp of the internal workings in a warehouse. We would also like to thank Jeff Grantham for giving us feedback on the interim report and those who evaluated our project at the Northern New Mexico Community College. We would like to thank Ms.Parkinson, the teacher that runs our school’s writing lab, who helped grammar check our final report. Finally we thank Fabien Michel, a primary MadKit developer, for being an active supporter of our project.