Ward, Colorado



Ward weather is extreme

The Town of Ward sits just below the Continental Divide at the base of Niwot Ridge. Because of it high altitude, Ward experiences snow from October to May, although its heaviest snow is in the winter and spring months.

In the winter, winds from the divide buffet Ward. On January 13, 2007 the temperature was 5 degrees, but the wind chill factor made it feel like -8. At night the low was 7 below zero.

Toyota, October 2006

Ward had nine feet of snow by January 2007. The first snow was in September. Snow drifts lined the roads, high winds were clocked at 80 mph, and there had been several days of 40 and 50 mph winds.

In spite of the cold and earlier wind, the skies were blue, the sun sparkled on the pure white snow, and puffs of cotton clouds drifted in the sky.

18 below at 3 o'clock in the afternoon

Ward is a place of extremes.


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