Tourism near Ward

9,253' above sea level in the Indian Peaks of the Rocky Mountains 



Tourism near Ward

Indian Paintbrush

Each year thousands of tourists, hikers, fishermen, backpackers, bicyclists, snowshoers, cross country skiers, hunters and day trippers pass through Ward. They come by way of Left Hand Canyon or Highway 72, the scenic byway known as the Peak-to-Peak Highway which stretches from the casinos of Blackhawk/Central City to Estes Park, home of Rocky Mountain National Park.

Indian Peaks Aspen by Anne Gillis

Tourists come through Ward on the way to hiking/backpacking/skiing trails of the Roosevelt National Forest and Indian Peaks Wilderness area or to fish and camp at the Brainerd Lake Recreation Area.

Children come through on the way to Camp Tahosa Boy Scout Camp or the Boy's and Girl's Club of Denver camp north of Ward. Others pass through on the way to the rustic, upscale cabins, spa and restaurant of the historic Gold Lake area.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park, 30 miles to the north of Ward draws visitors from around the globe each year.

Trail Ridge Road, Rocky Mountain National Park

Nederland and Eldora Ski Area are 11 miles south. Directly west is the Brainard Lake Recreation Area. Over the Continental Divide, by way of Pawnee or Buchanan Pass (hiking only) in the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area is the town of Grand Lake.

Early Train to Ward, Switzerland Trail 1990 - 1920

Switzerland Trail showing Eldora and Ward lines, C & N train to Ward on right, McClure, 1899

For decades people have come by foot, buggy, wagon, stage, horse,narrow guage railroad, Stanley Steamers, Model T's, cars, 4-wheel drives, trucks, motorcycles, and bicycles to get away from the city, see the scenery, collect wild flowers, breath the cool mountain air, savor the sunshine, and view the golden Aspen trees in the fall.

Into the Woods, oil painting by Carol Jenkins


Many pass through Ward, but very few stay.


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