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About Me

I first moved to the Ward area in 1973 and lived there  from 1973 - 1987.  I lived at Ogallala Lodge in Osage with Ivan and Jim, then in Arapahoe and Teton. I later lived in the Alaska Tunnel  cabin,  the two-story outhouse, Carolyn's house that burned down, and the house below the school bus turnout that Coleen bought and that now belongs to Velada.

My sons Adam and Wade were born in Ward.  I was the Ward Town Clerk from 1978-80,  served as the  mountain representative on the Board  of the Boulder County Women's Resource Center, and  was a member of Ward Volunteer Fire Department.   I fought local fires and was once helicoptered in to fight a fire in the Poudre Canyon.

I was also a volunteer counselor on therapeutic wilderness trips in the Indian Peaks with Barbara Sperl and led wilderness trips and taught backpacking classes for the City of Boulder Department of  Recreation. 

I co-founded a non-profit organization, Summit Human Resources, which provides wilderness experiences for women and children, and training for leaders of therapeutic wilderness programs.  Other co-founders included Barbara Sperl, Clincal Psychologist, Liz Midlarskey, Ph.D., Psychology Professor, CU Boulder, and Barbara Oppenheim, Recreational Specialist,  Boulder Recreation Department 

Later I was Director of Youth Services for the Boulder YWCA at "The Dome", developed Career Education and School/Business Partnership programs in Colorado and Florida, and served as the Coordinator of the Loretto Heights College, University Without Walls in Boulder County.  

 Teton Cabin, Ogalla Lodge            I also worked as a professional business writer in Denver and Boulder.


   Chuck and Kim Foy, Barbi O and I

Firefighter Training, Ward, 1976

 In 1989 I relocated to Port Charlotte, Florida where I taught at an alternative high school, was an Adjunct Professor of Communications at Manatee Community College, and Instructor at Charlotte Technical Center.  Throughout my career I have been involved in grant writing and developing alternative educational programs.  I have taught in high schools, adult ed, colleges and developed a GED program for the Charlotte County Jail.

I have a B.A. and M.A. from Wayne State University and completed post-graduate work at the University of Michigan.

I am a blogger at Goergia O'Keeffe Chronicles, a blog that is about all things Georgia O'Keeffe, her life, art and place in contemporary society.  Please click on my blog, leave a comment and like the blog on Facebook.

Pat Cypher, Ward, Colorado writer and blogger

I am the author of Pyrite and Flowers,a fictional short story that is set in early Ward, and am currently working on a history of Ward and a biography of Hazel Schmoll.  I also work with local area artists to help market and publicize their works. 

Currently I serve as the Historical Liaison for the Ward Public Library, on the Ward Historic Preservation Committee, and am a volunteer interviewer with the Maria Rogers Oral History Program at the Carnegie Historical Branch  Library in Boulder. I am the Ward Church Historian and serve on the  fund-raising committee for the Ward Community Church (Congregational)  and as a Fund Raiser for Ward's Way-Hi Radio. I helped to spearhead the Committee to Save the Historic Ward Post Office, writing articles, pr pieces and doing radio and tv interviews.  I developed and served as the webmaster for that website.

In 2013 and 2014 I wrote and secured a Historical Assessment Grant from Colorado History for the Ward Church and Recycling Grant from Boulder County for the Town of Ward. 

For the past ten years, I have been actively researching Georgia O'Keeffe, specifically her pivotal years and her visit to Ward in 1917, doing local presentations and interviews on that topic.  I am currently completing a book manuscript on O'Keeffe in Colorado.

I have been back in Ward since June 2003 when I retired from teaching. 

My son Zach lives in Florida with Tammy and three children, Alora, John, and Shawn.  My sons Wade and Adam live in Ward and the Denver area.  I live in the old Crimmins cabin in Ward.

Pat Cypher's cabin in Ward, Colorado

Crimmins Cabin in Fall and Winter

I love music, art, poetry, trout fishing and the mountains. 

I respect the Bill of Rights and the Ward Town Charter.


Niwot's curse is true. 

Pawnee Pass is the home of the gods. . . 

I have tried to speak the truth . . .


Patty Cypher