Ward, Colorado

Seasons, Events and Traditions

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Winter Recreation

Winter is long and hard in Ward, but mountain folk find plenty to do.  Snowshoeing and cross country skiing in the Brainard Lake area are favorite winter pastimes.


Summer in Ward



Ward, Colorado mid-summer

In the summer, the mountains come alive with wildflowers and long sunny days for celebrating life.  Hiking in the Indian Peaks and surrounding area is a favorite pastime, as is enjoying the wildlife and the hummingbirds.


Fourth of July in Ward


 The Fourth of July is the major event of the year in Ward, followed by Boulder County's favorite holiday, Halloween. 


Poetry, Art and Tae Kwon-Do in Ward

Throughout the year the Ward Library/Town Hall  is the scene of Poetry Readings, Tai Kwon-Do and sometimes lively Town Meetings.  The Ward Art Show is held in the Town Church.   

 Poetry in the Ward Library



Bluegrass Music  

KGNU Mountain Jam in Gold Hill

Bluegrass is popular and locals often travel to the Telluride Bluegrass Festival, the Charles Sawtelle KGNU Mountain Jam in nearby Gold Hill or the Lyons Planet Bluegrass Festival Rocky Grass.  Locals musicians frequently jam at the Millsite Inn. 

Events and Festivals

Other events include the Frozen Dead Guy Days and the Miners Days in Nederland,  theater events in Jamestown, concerts at Red Rocks, or even attending the Central City Opera.  The hot springs swimming pool and mineral springs at Indian Springs Resort in Idaho Springs, and hot springs throughout Colorado and Wyoming are popular.


Fall in Ward


 Aspen trees on the Peak-to-Peak Highway



 Near Glacier View Ranch on the Overland Road


Fall is the time for enjoying the  glory of the yellow Aspen leaves and traveling to Estes Park to watch the elk bugling. 

 Cleaning the chimney






It is a time for getting wood in, checking the chimney, and preparing for the winter winds. 










Christmas brings the cutting of the tree and crystal stars at night.  It brings the beauty of the winter.


Enjoying the sun, blue skies, smell of the pines and woodsmoke, clouds, moon and stars are the true treasures of living in the mountains.



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