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Ward, Colorado -- High in a Colorado Gold Town



Yay! . . .

...for the Ward Colorado artist page.  I stumbled across it looking for something TOTALLY different.  But it's always nice to get a little "hello" from all my lovies back home!

Kepp gettin' the word out!

Stacia Synnestvedt
   - a ward baby always and forever!
November, 2008 

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I enjoyed your website all about Ward, Co.  I visited Ward twice and I have never forgotten that interesting little town and your site really did a great job capturing the unique 'vibe' of the town.  I was fortunate to be the guest of a lifelong resident of Ward and felt embraced by the colorful locals and could really understand why they wanted to keep Ward 'off the map'.  I found them to be very friendly people who simply liked to keep their quaint little town very quiet, right?



I'll never forget Ward for three reasons.  I was in Ward on September 11Th, 2001 and so that place and that date will always be intertwined in my memory.  I spent the following Fourth of July in Ward and was lucky enough to see Ward in all it's glory and fun.  The third reason is the maps in the library.  I'm not sure if they are still there but when I visited Ward there were 7 leather relief maps of the continents hanging in the library and they were the most beautiful things I'd ever seen.

John McGuire, Chicago
November, 2008


just found your site through wikipedia. Neat.

Does Tall Bob still live in Ward and make beautiful gold Jewelry. If so, please tell him hello from me.

Thanks for replying and congratulations on communicating with people who have lived, or passed through Ward in their life. I bet all of us have a great memory or two. 

Tahn, Missouri, May, November, 2008 


Greg sent me a link to the UFO photos on the Ward website -- great job! Nice to read about what I still think of a home.
I miss Ward so very much. . . .My son Erik just got married,
but I still have two daughters, Kirsten, 16 and Linnea, 14 at home with me. We live outside of Bend, Oregon. Geez- great to hear that Wade and Nicole bought my house. I had often wondered who might be
living there. I hope they like it-I have some photos somewhere that I will find. They might like to see them.

Patty Billings Rehn

October, 2008


I just came upon the webpage with the ward area artists.

Right on sista!

Peace, light and love.

Deb Evangelista, August 20


Very cool site!  I'd like to add your link to my link page.  Do you mind?  Here it is:  If it is alright with you, I'll add your site.
PS we live in a little place in Northern California that is more remote that Ward.  Our nearest big town is Quincy, California, next nearest is Reno, Nevada.  We only live at 5400 feet in the Sierra Nevada mountains, but Ward's weather is only slightly colder and more snowy than ours.  Few  hippies, here, though!

laurenc, May 2008


 Very nice website for Ward. It's great that you're back in town...wish I was, at least now and again when I get off the boat.

Greg Jones, May 2008




Hello,  Great article!  I am proud to call Ward home..... 

Barbi O, Whitefish, Montana, May 2008


Your story about Helen is wonderful and amazing.  I'm sitting here feeling very nostalgic.  We all know too well Niwot's curse, and I was telling someone the other day about our full moon hikes up Niwot and champagne at sunrise.

Judy Foy, Denver, May 2008


Your pyrite and flowers story touches the center of my heart . . .

Kathy Spratford, Nederland, May 2008



love what you're doing for us ward's fabulous! 

Kayanne, Ward, November 2007


Everyone loves your story.  My brother Gary's wife  loved your story and said where is the next chapter.

Ann G., Ward, July 2007 


What gorgeous layout.....and some of the best human beings I've ever met 
. . . been a charter member of what we used to call W.A.R.P (Ward Area Rural Poets) since the rough beginnings. I started writing
with these folks well over 30 years ago.
Your site is extremely cool....I look foward to your updates but need broadband!!
God! Early Ward experiences....several juicy volumes there and my favorite subject. In some funny way, even after all this time & distance,
all roads lead to Ward. I used to think that everybody had their version of a Ward....I don't think so anymore. I've heard Ward described as
a welfare scam, a predatory abatoir and a hippy lie where burn-outs translate drug-induced senility as being mellow. Back in the daze, people
used to cultivate that to filter out the lightweights. 
But everywhere I look today I see people with such big pieces missing.....starving for the kind of meaning that bubbled out of Ward as free as water. Something about the way we fell in love there. Down to the core. Like people were as spartan as their lives glitzy personality tricks....Maybe I actually learned how to really fall in love there. With the people (certainly with the girls :-)...with myself...with my life. became a standard to measure all other things by. Gained some kind of resource that has been there to save my bacon a hundred times. I have never been anywhere else that so completely thwarted everything I brought with me and at the same time, completely nourished everything I was. Poetry came later. 
Was hitchin up the Canyon a few years later after a coupla years at some college, got a ride with this guy Phil...had a loud mouth and a Bronx accent so
I felt right at home. Told me about this poetry reading they were having...I gave him some pseudo rap about yeah well I'd rather live it than read
about it...he said... uh huh...sounds interesting...write it I read my first poem leaning in thru the window of the library cause I
was too shy to take the stage.......jeeez....stop me or I'll go on for days.
Fit, Sweden, May 07


My husband and I were driving up Left Hand Canyon yesterday, trying to find a trail we'd hiked several years ago, and instead, we found Ward!  Haha.  It was such an interesting little place that we had to stop and look around.  We looked in at the post office and library (closed) and the church, went to the General Store, and just walked around.  It was so intriguing that I researched Ward online and found out how really famous (or infamous) it is.
Anyway, one of the sites I looked at was yours,
The most interesting and appealing thing about Ward for me is the concept of Home-Rule, the town being a small government unto itself.
Your website was enjoyable and easy to navigate.  Thanks for your help and information.  Next time I go to Ward I will stop at the restaurant.
Linda Hotten,  May 2007


really am glad someone has done a positive website about Ward, it's nice
Karelle, Ward, Colorado, July 2007
love the site,
Jim, Ward, Colorado, May 2007
Thanks Pat for the web site. I had been looking for years for the GOK painting of the Ward church and I didn't know of the Indian Peaks water colors.

Dave Tully, California, May 2007
WOW!  And a photo of Fuzzy Night too!!  Wadda gas!  .  It looks great to me!
 Alan, New Jersey, December 2007