PG Docs

Explore Google Docs

Presentations: Create a Multimedia Presentation
  • Pick a topic that you teach throughout the year
  • Try out a background
  • Use an image to visualize a concept
  • Insert a video from Youbtube
Spreadsheets & Presentations: Fund a Country
  • Scenario: Rock Stars typically have projects that reach out to help others around the world. In this project you will decide on a country to help out.
  • You will use to complete the spreadsheet.
  • Add a comment to any piece of data that you found surprising or interesting.
  • Create a copy of the spreadsheet.
  • Create a graph to show an interesting aspect of the data.
Forms: Create a Form or Survey
Your Choice:
  • An interest survey can show about your students.
    • My favorite question: Assuming family and friends are safe, what is one thing you would grab if your house is on fire?
  • A form to prep students for a discussion group.
  • Create a quiz on any concept you cover during the year
  • Create a form that would lead to the perfect parent contact log.
  • Make sure to experiment with the different types of questions.
Organizing Google Docs: Creating Collections
  • Create at least one collections folder and color-code it.
  • Adding Docs to collections.
  • Hiding a doc from the main list.
Wrap-Up: 3-2-1
    • 3 new things you learned about Google Docs
    • 2 things you are going to share with a colleague
    • 1 thing you are going to start using right away