Postcard Activity

App for this activity:

            Postpad Lite: Free

Step One: Design the purpose of this postcard.
  • Are you writing as yourself or someone else?
  • Who are you writing to? 
  • Where are you writing from? Location? Time Period?
Step Two: Capturing an image for your postcard.
  • Open a web browser app and search for an appropriate image for the purpose of your postcard.
  • To save an image: Hold your finger down on the image until it gives you the option to save it in your camera roll.
  • If you are writing as yourself, you could use the camera app to take a picture.
Step Three: Create your postcard in the app.

Step Four: Email it to thetechtiger@gmail.com

Step Five: How do you think this activity could work in your classroom?

App for this Activity

       Sonic Pics Lite: Free

6 Word Memoir

Step One: Choose One Theme for your Memoir

  • Love
  • Happiness
  • Work
  • Life
Step Two: Create a six word memoir based on the theme.

Example:   My theme is work. My statement is " Beyond work, seeing kids being creative"

Step Three: Save three images to match your memoir.

Step Four: Build your memoir in the app.

What other activities could be achieved with this app?

Paperslide Video

Challenge: Create a Paper Slide Video that explains a difficult concept through the use of graphics and narration.

A video to help explain the concept:

Paper slide video basics

This challenge will be done in groups of four. Each group will receive a kit that includes paper, markers, and a storyboard for planning.

Apps in this challenge:
On Air: Free 
Camera App: Already Installed

The Group's Responsibilities are:
  • To agree on one concept to cover in your video.
  • To create the paper slides to explain the concept.
  • To create the narration that makes the concept easy to understand.

Some Guidelines

  1. One Take: You only get one shot at recording. You should create a plan (storyboard) and practice!
  2. Non Stop Video: Once the camera starts, it doesn't stop! This just means the students need to be well-rehearsed!
  3. No Editing: Part of this quick process is due to the "no editing" rule. No trimming, no adding fancy titles or transitions.
  4. Quick Publishing: On the iPad from the camera roll, you can email, message, or post the video to YouTube.