About Us

The Ward 8 Farmer’s Market was founded by Congress Heights residents in 1998 in response to the closing of what was then the only grocery store in the ward. Our mission is to empower residents to choose healthy foods and a healthy lifestyle.

We make fresh, locally-grown fruits and vegetables accessible and affordable. We bolster these efforts by offering popular education in the areas of nutrition, health, gardening, physical activity and environmental sustainability.

Limited access to and consumption of healthy food contributes to high rates of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension.  We are a community-based response to these disparities.

We partner with farmers within 100 miles of DC who use natural and sustainable methods and provide a low-barrier, low-cost venue for local entrepreneurs to sell their wares.

W8FM is thankfully no longer the only place to buy fresh produce in the Ward 8, but we are the only one that emerged organically from the grassroots and the only one with a 15-year track record in the community.

Since 2016, we have run a garden program in partnership with Martin Luther King Elementary School.

Nathan Harrington has served as the part-time director of W8FM since March 2016. A graduate of Bates College and Howard University, he taught in Prince George's County and DC Public Schools for ten years. He has resided in Congress Heights since 2009 and is chair of the Committee to Restore Shepherd Parkway. 

Sabrina Richardson joined us as Market Assistant in 2017.  She a life-long Ward 8 resident who has worked at a 911 dispatcher for 17 years.

Board of Directors

John G. Gloster- President
Office General Counsel, Howard University

Linda Thompson- Vice President
Professor of Nutritional Sciences, Howard University

Aisha Moore-Hughes Recording Secretary
Wellness and self-care educator and consultant

Heather Lawson- Treasurer
Civil Rights attorney, U.S. Department of Justice

Katrina Toews- Board member                                                                                                                                                    Director, Washington Ballet @THEARC