WA   Retirement Complexes Residents Association


WARCRA was formed in 1991 to provide a voice for the residents of retirement villages. It is a non-profit, incorporated body without party political or religious affiliation, run by a committee of volunteers elected by its members. In recent years the growth of retirement villages has been extraordinary and it has become apparent that the residents of retirement villages, and also prospective residents, need somewhere to go where they can obtain reliable information and assistance.

In March 2011 WARCRA was presented with the Richard (Dick) Fletcher Award for organisational achievement, in recognition of excellence in advancement, development and promotion of consumer protection in Western Australia

What Do We Do?

WARCRA aims to:

  • provide information for people faced with the important decision of whether to move into a Retirement Village;
  • assist residents with a wide range of enquiries on village life, including resident’s committees and procedures for handling disputes;
  • act as an advocate on behalf of residents;
  • lobby government and other bodies for changes beneficial to residents;
  • provide a forum where residents can express their concerns and share their experiences.



In 2006 WARCRA  developed a comprehensive submission relating to the government review of the Fair Trading(Retirement Villages Code) Regulations 2003 and the Retirement Villages Act 1992. The Department of Consumer and Employment Protection compiled an Issues Paper from the many public consultations and submissions received and sought feedback from all interested parties. This feedback was required by the end of October 2007 and WARCRA provided another comprehensive  submission to this all important review of the legislation. However because of the controversial nature of some issues, which required further consultation with peak bodies, the final Statutory Report was not tabled in Parliament until November 2010. 

Due to some difficult issues and to resolve the Bill, it was divided into two parts. The first part, Bill No. 1, was introduced in to the parliament in October 2012 , was passed with the full support of both Houses and was granted Royal Ascent in December. It is expected this will come into effect late in 2013 following the drafting of specific changes to the Regulations and the Code. 

Bill No. 2 contains some rather more controversial issues and will be the subject of numerous peak body consultations. It's passage through the parliament and subsequent development of associated Regulations is expected to take another year or so to complete. The Legislation sub-Committee of WARVRA continues to review, consult and comment on proposed changes as put forward in the final Statutory Report.