Baron Ramon Zakarison:  "Attention Shipmates of the Warbling Swallow!  I, The Baron, will guide our ship (with the Captain's help of course) on an adventure to recover all the Myteria Mystica...and make a hefty profit, which I will give you each a very generous percentage to go against your three year indentured servitude.  You should be grateful to be aboard my lofty sky ship!  Let the adventure commence!"

Here is the website for an role-playing adventure using "Swashbuckers of the 7 Skies" by Chad Underkoffler. http://www.7skies.net It uses the Prose Descriptive Qualities Sharp System (PDQ#) and is available from Atomic Sock Monkey Press http://www.atomicsockmonkey.com
Produced by Evil Hat Productions  http://www.evilhat.com
Here's a review of the game itself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQ6lHMq4ywA

This adventure began in the fall of 2009 and finished in June of 2010.  There were four players: Lilianna, Mary, Luke and Ben. The GM (Game Master) was Rebecca Angel Maxwell of Out of the Box Creative Learning http://www.outoftheboxalbany.com  The object of this game is to have a great time, and do some creative writing in the process.