Corporate Dysfunction

Obamacare may be a government-run enterprise, but the profound errors in building the site were overwhelmingly due to the incompetence of the private sector.

This is not just an example of a public enterprise failing, but the government investing too much faith in the efficiency of the private company that failed to build and deliver an operating site in good time. In the interest of political point scoring, private sector inadequacies are being passed off as inherent faults of the public sector.

Anyone who has dealt with such an outage will recognize the Kafkaesque world into which Time Warner’s cable customers are drawn when anything goes wrong. The victim is punished by waiting for hours on the line and obliged to listen to out-of-tune music until the foreign call-center agents — renamed with American names such as “Sharon” and “Hillary” to make them seem more American, but also given long identifying numbers like prisoners in a gulag — politely explain in fractured English that the problem is outside their ability to fix.

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