Children at play
Play strategy needed for WA to protect children's right to play
    Play-based learning is disappearing from children’s lives

This is particularly the case in West Australia’s kindergarten and pre-primary classrooms and there is now an urgent need to develop a WA Play Strategy to safeguard young children’s right to play.

The WA branch of Early Childhood Australia (ECA WA), the key advocacy group for children from birth to eight years of age, is leading a national initiative by pursuing the development of a WA play strategy. ECAWA is seeking YOUR support to launch this important initiative.

A discussion paper written in 2016 (accessible below both as a summary and full paper) identifies the serious concerns expressed by those working with young children about the erosion of play.

The paper highlights the clear policy benefits of developing a play strategy.

ECA WA and other key WA advocacy groups believe that such a strategy will elevate the status of play in young children's learning and development.

The WA Play Strategy initiative aims to deliver a State Government-lead play strategy similar to what is now established in Scotland:

Your individual endorsement will provide significant influence towards achieving this goal.

There is no financial contribution just agreement in principle that this initiative has merit.

To endorse NOW please proceed to the ‘endorsement’ link below so ECA WA can provide evidence of cross-community support for the initiative.

Please circulate this link widely to other Western Australians who support the child’s right to child-initiated and self-directed play-based learning. For further information please email Early Childhood Australia (WA Branch)

Discussion Paper  
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