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West Adams Preparatory High School, WASC Accreditation Self-Study, 2018: 
WASC is an important process that includes all stakeholders, all perspectives, and all the best that we as a community of educators can develop towards ensuring that West Adams is an effective, well-functioning school. At each iterative step of the process, data & contributions are carefully collected, edited for clarity, and then incorporated into the evolving development of the WASC Self Study (along with the school's Single Plan for Student Achievement). The end result is a document that will help guide the way we address our self-identified needs through the next six years. 

School Vision Statement:
“West Adams Preparatory High School will prepare all students to become successful and viable members of an ever-changing global society.”

Schoolwide Learner Outcomes:
Student Spotlight: Raymond Clark inspecting Chemistry Posters at Science Night

"Students presented their work on their own, without teacher prompting or reading off of scripts. I was impressed by how articulate the students were, and how willing they were to share what they had learned."
Teacher Spotlight: 
Jae Park at Math Night

 "The project was designing and modeling toys for a company like Minecraft.  Students had to design and build a model and calculate the volume and surface area of the toys to help calculate production costs.  The students used spreadsheets and formulas to calculate the volumes and surface areas." - Mr. Park