Xiaojun Wan (万小军)


Language Computing & Web Mining Group (in Chinese)

Institute of Computer Science and Technology of Peking University

Phone: (86-10)82529548.

Fax: (86-10)82529207.

E-mail: wanxiaojun (AT) pku.edu.cn;   wanxiaojun1979 (AT) gmail.com



Natural Language Processing (NLP), Text Mining (TM), Information Retrieval (IR).


Ph.D. in Computer Science, Peking University, China. July, 2006.

M.S. in Computer Science, Peking University, China. July, 2003.

B.S. in Information Sciences, Peking University, China. July, 2000.


Web Data Mining, Fall 2011 ~ 2014.

Semantic Computing and Knowledge Retrieval, Fall 2011 ~ 2014.


Professional Member:



    ACL Workshop on Multilingual Modeling (MM-2012)

     Shared Tasks in NLPCC 2012~2014

Area Chair/Co-Chair:

    ACL-IJCNLP2015 (Summarization and Generation)

    NLPCC2014 (Web Mining & Big Data)

    ACL2011 (Sentiment Analysis, Opinion Mining and Text Classification)

    IJCNLP2011 (Summarization/Generation)

PC Member:

    WWW2015, NAACL2015, ECIR2015

    ACL2014, COLING2014, EMNLP2014, IEEE BigData2014, ECIR2014

    ACL2013, NAACL2013, ECIR2013, CIKM2013, EMNLP2013, IJCNLP2013, IEEE BigData2013, AIRS2013

    ACL2012, NAACL-HLT2012, EACL2012, EMNLP-CoNLL2012, SIGIR2012, CIKM2012, ECIR2012, COLING2012, AIRS2012

    EMNLP2011, SIGIR2011(Poster Track), CIKM2011, Summarization Workshop@ACL2011 

    ACL2010, SIGIR2010, COLING2010, EMNLP2010, CIKM2010, CLP2010

    SIGIR2009, ACL-IJCNLP2009, CIKM2009, TextGraphs-4

    ACL2008, WWW2008(Poster Track)

Journal Reviewer:

    ACM Transactions on Asian Language Information Processing (since 2007)

    Knowledge and Information Systems (since 2007)

    Information Sciences (since 2007)

    IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing (since 2009)

    IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering (since 2009)

    Language Resources and Evaluation (since 2009)

    Journal of Computer Science and Technology (since 2010)

    Data & Knowledge Engineering (since 2010)

    Information Processing & Management (since 2010)

    Computational Intelligence (since 2010)

    Information Technology & Decision Making (since 2010)

    Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence (since 2010)

    Frontiers of Computer Science in China (Since2011)

    ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology (Since 2011)

     Computer Speech and Language (Since 2011)

     Acta Automatica Sinica (Since 2011)

     ACM Transactions on Speech and Language Processing (Since 2012)

     IEEE Intelligent Systems (Since 2012)

     World Wide Web Journal (Since 2012)

     Chinese Journal of Computers (Since 2012)

     ACM Transactions on Information Systems (Since 2012)

     Transactions of the Association for Computational Linguistics (Since 2013)

     Computational Linguistics (Since 2013)

     Neurocomputing (Since 2013)

     Pattern Recognition Letters (Since 2014)

     Natural Language Engineering (Since 2014)


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