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I have a collection of  The Far Side by Gary Larson and currently my database has 4200+ cartoons which are all different.  

Nature's Way was the name Gary Larson gave to the panel before syndication of The Far Side. They appeared in the Seattle Times on Saturdays in 1979.

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In Popular Culture

The Far Side and  Gary Larson

American Dad
In "Portrait of Francine's Genitals" (Series 13, Episode 4)
@0:45s Stan: "You know who is the best artist? Gary Latson. He took us all to the Far Side and kept us chuckling."
@7:35s Roger: "If Gary Larson drew a cow with curlers in its hair saying that you'd be dying."

How I Met Your Mother
In "False Positive" (Series 6, Episode 12)
Marshall: "Can girls aim?
Lily: "Um, can boys aim? 'cause its seems to me like I am taking a mop to that bathroom floor every 2 days."
Marshall: "OK, you're the one that put The Far Side calendar up over the toilet. You know I laugh with my whole body." 

Family Guy
In "8 Simple Rules For Dating My Daughter" (Series 4, Episode 8), Peter says to Meg, "Here take a Far Side one, The vulture thinks he is a cowboy, heh heh heh heh."

In "Lois Kills Stewie" (Series 6, Episode 4), Stewie orders a portrait of himself. He says, "Let me see, ... Ah excellent, much better than the one Gary Larson did. ... Why would I be even talking to a chicken?"

In "My Intern's Eyes" (Series 5, Episode 1), JD dreams of the ease of treating patients if this was Sacred Hearts Horse Hospital. In the ward, the doctors carry guns and JD walks up to a patient with leg in plaster, and says, " I am sorry Mister Larson ... I do not like the look of that leg." JD takes aim and ...


Woody dejectedly looks at a newspaper. When the regulars ask why he's down he says its because he doesn't get the Far Side. After they explain the cartoon to Woody several times, he tells them he was just disappointed his local newspaper doesn't carry it, and thanked them for treating him like a one year old.

Homestar Runner
Strong Sad dressed up as the nerdy Far Side kid  in 2007 Halloween special.

Darkwing Duck
In "Beauty and the Beet" (September 9, 1991), two Larsonian type scientists called Dr. Gary and Dr. Larson are features.

In "Twin Beaks", (November 7, 1991), an alien cow stated, "We come from the planet Larson on the Far Side of the galaxy."

The Simpsons
In "Homega Man", Homer is inside the Withstandinator bomb shelter reading Far Side comics when Springfield is destroyed a French nuclear weapon. As he flipped the pages of  an Off the Wall Far Side calendar he says, "I don't get  it, I don't get it, I don't get it, ...errrr, I don't get it!"

War of the Worlds
In the closing credits for every episode in the first season is a reference to "The Far Side cartoons by Gary Larson, courtesy of Chronicle Features. Several cutout Far Side comics are seen briefly in "The Resurrection" tacked to a bulletin board in Suzanne McCullough's university office. Since this was only seen in one episode, it is unknown why the credit remained throughout the season.

Yes Dear
In "House of Cards" Greg and Jimmy go looking for a valentine's card, they walk into a card shop late and the shelves are bare. Greg says "3 weeks ago when I got mine, there was a wonderful selection. They had everything. You should have been Jimmy. They had The Far Side, Dilbert, the old lady who's always smoking with her panties around her ankles. ... All of the classics."
Gilmore Girls
In "Emily in Wonderland", Lorelei tells Roy that whenever she talks to her mother all she hears is "blah blah blah Ginger."

Pearls Before Swine
Rat  told Pig that comics have become boring without The Far Side and tries to convince Larson to come out
of retirement but is stopped by Larson's guard cows.

Cyberspace by Dave Barry
An article recounting the infamous
removal of a dead whale was titled "The Far Side comes to Oregon."

Worth1000 and Flickr
Numerous contests for image manipulation has featured Far Side comics called "Far Side made real."

The New Yorker
Cover page, November 17, 2003

The Far Left Side
The is a web comic by Mike "Li'l Stinger" Stanfill and is very heavily influenced by Gary Larson and The Far Side.

NOT a Far Side
These are cartoons that I am frequently asked about, however they were not drawn by Gary Larson.

Miracle Occurs by Syd Harris

The Engineer or  Machine Gun Salesman and the King by unknown.

I wish I could send electronic versions of these  fantasic cartoons to anyone who asks but there is a small complication called copyright.  I respect Gary Larson's wish to keep his cartoons off the internet. It is not about money, it is simply, they belong to him and he has the right to say what happens to them, easy isn't it. I feel the same about stuff I write too.

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