Angela Cabiao Caliwag

Oct. 2019 - present
MS: Kumoh National Institute of Technology, Aug 2019
BS : Mapúa University, Philippines, June 2017
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PHD students

MS students
Njoku Judith Nkechinyere
Sept. 2019 - present
BS : Federal Univ. of Tech. Owerri, Dec 2014 
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Cheska C. Abarro

Sept. 2020 - present

BS: STI College Caloocan, May. 2019


 Henar Mike O. Canilang
Mar. 2020 - present
BS : Mapúa University, May 2019

James Rigor C. Camacho

Sept. 2020 - present

BS: Mapúa University, May. 2017


 Ej Miguel Francisco Cabiao Caliwag
Mar. 2020 - Present
BS: STI College Caloocan, May 2019

Erick C. Valverde

Sept. 2020 - present

BS: Mapúa University, May 2017


Muhammad Adib Kamali
Mar. 2020-present 
BS: Telkom University, Aug. 2019

 Sohee Kang
Sept. 2018 - present
BS : Kumoh National Institute of Tech., Feb 2017
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Heejin Jung (4th grade
Jeongin Kim (3rd grade)

            6. Manuel Eugenio Morocho Cayamcela(유제니오)
PHD degree (Aug. 2020)
Thesis : Machine Learning-Assisted Characterization of Channel Behaviors and Physical System Design
           5. Kumbayoni Lalu Muh(요니)
                      MS degree (Aug. 2020)
                      Thesis : State-of-Power Estimation of Li-ion Battery Using BiLSTM
4. Angela Cabiao Caliwag(안젤라)
MS degree (Aug. 2019)
Thesis : 
Research on Forecasting and Optimization of Voltage Response and State of Charge for Lithium ion Battery
3. Donguk Kwon(권동욱)
MS degree (Feb. 2018)
Thesis : 
이동로봇기반 소총 원격 제어 기술에 관한 연구
2. Jonghun Kwon(권종훈)
MS degree (Feb. 2018)
Thesis : 국문 역점역 알고리즘에 관한 연구
1. Gyuhyeon Gim(김규현)
MS degree (Feb. 2018)
Thesis : 
머신러닝 알고리즘을 이용한 운동상상뇌파 데이터 분류 방법 연구