Ongoing Research
1. System design and analysis
- Super capacitor management system design
- Battery management system design
- IoT-based smart solar street light controller system design
- Voice-user interface system design

2. Energy management systems with machine learning
- Storage device prognosis and health management
- Online state estimation
- Remaining useful life prediction
- Fault forecasting and diagnosis

3. Computer vision with machine learning
- Real-time user recognition on edge devices
- Real-time object detection on edge devices
- Real-time face detection and distance estimation in thermal camera applications
- Improvement of thermal camera imaging using ML based super resolution and denoising

4. Artificial Intelligence in Wireless Communications
- Autoencoder based Wireless Communication Systems
- Automatic Modulation Recognition of wireless signals
- Dynamic Spectrum Allocation in Ultra-Dense Networks
- Learning Driven Communications in Wireless Sensor Networks

Lab News
Selected in Regional University Excellent Scientist program, NRF (2021~2024)
지역대학우수과학자 사업 선정!

Selected in both BK21 Four (2020~2027) and Basic Program of NRF(2020~2025)
4단계 BK21과 한국연구재단 기초연구실 동시 선정!!

Open positions for graduate students (PhD/MS) in FCSL! 
(We are looking for students with BS degree in Computer Engineering or related majors)

* Student Benefits
Free tuition fee
Monthly stipend
International/domestic conference participation
PC or Laptop

Contact Information
Tel : +82-54-478-7489
E-mail : wansu.lim [at]
Office : D543, Digital Building, Yangho Campus, KIT
Address : D543, 61 Daehak-ro (yangho-dong), Gumi, Gyeongbuk, South Korea, 39177