Future Communications & Systems Lab

Future Communications & Systems Lab (미래통신시스템연구실)

Future Communications & Systems Lab (FCSL) is a multidisciplinary research laboratory under the school of Electronic Engineering at Kumoh National Institute of Technology (KIT). FCSL focuses on the design and development of algorithms and systems for actual applications in different fields. Specifically, we co-design both software and hardware aspects for an efficient deployment in real-life implementation. Along with globally competitive researchers from different parts of the world, our common goal is to provide creative and novel solutions to different issues in industries and communities worldwide.

Ongoing Research, (Research Summary PDF)

1. System design and analysis

- Super capacitor management system design

- Battery management system design

- Hybrid Energy Storage System system design

- Electric vehicle test bed development

- IoT-based smart solar street light controller system design

- Voice-user interface system design

2. Energy management systems with machine learning

- Storage device prognosis and health management

- Online state estimation

- Remaining useful life prediction

- Fault forecasting and diagnosis

3. Edge-Cloud computing

- Emotion recognition on Edge-cloud system

- Edge-cloud based battery state co-estimation

- Edge-cloud battery monitoring, control and protection

- Edge-cloud supercapacitor monitoring, control and protection

4. Artificial Intelligence in Wireless Communications

- Autoencoder based Wireless Communication Systems

- Automatic Modulation Recognition of wireless signals

- Dynamic Spectrum Allocation in Ultra-Dense Networks

- Learning Driven Communications in Wireless Sensor Networks

Lab News

Selected in Regional University Excellent Scientist program, NRF (2021~2024)

지역대학우수과학자 사업 선정!

Selected in both BK21 Four (2020~2027) and Basic Research Lab program of NRF(2020~2025)

4단계 BK21과 한국연구재단 기초연구실 동시 선정!!

Open positions for Post-doctor and graduate students (PhD/MS) in FCSL!

(We are looking for students with BS degree in Electronic/Computer Engineering or related majors)

* Student Benefits

Free tuition fee

Monthly stipend

International/domestic conference participation

PC or Laptop

Contact Information

Tel : +82-54-478-7489

E-mail : wansu.lim [at] kumoh.ac.kr

Office : D543, Digital Building, Yangho Campus, KIT

Chigozie Seunghyun Adib Angela Jeongin Miracle "JUDITH" Prof Ej Henar

Judith MS graduation ceremony, Aug. 2021