The items in the WANOSCG library are held in two locations:

  1. The home of the current Librarian          (These items are marked *** in the library lists or shaded yellow).

  2. The cupboard in the NE corner of the reception area of the Botanic Gardens and Park Authority (BGPA) main office.

  • Items in the cupboard are numbered (where possible) on the spine.

  • Items in the cupboard are arranged in numerical sequence.

  • Numeric and Author Lists of all library items are located in folders at the bottom of the cupboard and on the club’s web site.

  • Loan Record Cards are contained in a blue A5 binder on the bottom shelf of the Library cupboard. They are arranged in numerical item order as located on the spine of each item in the library. While items are on loan their record cards are held in the sleeve inside the front cover of the loan card binder.


The loan period is nominally TWO MONTHS, ie the period covered by three successive general meetings, except in the months of October and November, when items on loan must be returned before, or at, the November general meeting for audit purposes. However if members or associates have an urgent need for loan items between the November and March general meetings, special dispensation may be given, by arrangement with the librarian.  At the termination of each Loan Period the borrower is required to return the Loan Item to the Library.

Repetition of a loan period by the borrower (individual or family) is only allowed if the item has not been requested by another borrower prior to or at the general meeting at which the initial or repetitive loan terminated and are limited to the period to the next general meeting. Repetitive loans periods of one month must be recorded by separate entries on the loan card.


The items in this library are only available for borrowing by financial members of WANOSCG or approved associates in accordance with the following rules.

  1. If the item is in the cupboard  

  1. Record your borrowing details ( date out; your name; phone No ) on the Loan Card in the blue A5 Loan Card binder.

  2. Remove the Card from the binder and place it inside the sleeve of the front cover of the blue A5 Loan Card binder         (THIS IS IMPORTANT).

  3. When returning the item, record the date returned and your initials on the Loan card and then return the item to the cupboard and the card to the blue A5 binder.

  4. If re-borrowing the same item for a second period repeat a) and c) (Following a second loan period (limited to 1 month)  the item must be returned to the library and further re-borrowing of the same item by the same borrower is not allowed until one full loan period has elapsed).

  1. If the Item you wish to borrow is coded *** (retained by the Librarian due to space limitations) make arrangements with the Librarian to bring the item to the next general meeting.

  2. If the item is not in the cupboard and not coded ***

  1. Check the status of the item that you wish to borrow by looking in the loan record card binder. If the item is “on loan” its card should be in the front sleeve of the binder.

  2. If the item is overdue refer the matter to the Librarian or, if absent, the deputy.

  3. If the item is missing, ie not recorded as “on loan”, please report this to the Librarian or, if absent, the deputy Librarian.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Suggestions for improving the content or management of the Library are welcome.

Books Held in WANOSCG Library as of March 2016



Author/Source CODE Date Item Name
 Dixon K.W. (Editor) & Dundas P. (Illustrations)   1985 Wild Orchids of WA- an introduction to their natural history, distribution and cultivation
 Hoffman N. & Brown A   1992 Orchids of South-West Australia, Edition 2 with Supplement
A.O.F. (Lavarack, P.S. Dr Ed'r)   1989 The Orchids of Torres Strait
ANOS (Vic)   1982 Native Orchids in Melboune 
ANOS (Vic)     Richards H. et al   1984 Cultivation of Australian Native Orchids, Edition 1
ANOS (Vic)     Richards H. et al   1988 Cultivation of Australian Native Orchids, Edition 2
AOF & ANOS (Vic)   1979 Victorian Orchids in Melbourne
Aurousseau M   1968 Letters of F.W. Ludwig Leichardt, Vol. 2
Aust. Orchid Foundation (Voigt D.R. Editor)   1980 Report of the A.O.F. Expedition to Israelite Bay Region W.A.
Australian Native Orchid Society of WA   1997 Workshop/Seminar Proceedings 5/10/1997
Backhouse G. & Jeans J.   1998 The Orchids of Victoria
Balayer M.   1984 Orchids of the Pyranees, Vol.1
Balayer M.   1984 Orchids of the Pyranees, Vol.2
Barnett J.M.   1984 Effects of Fire on Orchids in Stringybark Forest
Barry E.D., Walsh W. & Higgins E.   2005 Proceeding, 2nd International Orchid Conservation Congress
Beard J.S.   1973 Vegetation of the Esperence and Malcolm areas
Beard J.S.   1979 Vegitation of the Albany and Mt Barker areas
Beard J.S.   1979 Vegitation of the Jackson area
Beard J.S.   1979 Vegitation of the Moora and Hill River areas
Beard J.S.   1980 Vegitation of the Corrigin area
Beard J.S.   1980 Vegitation of the Perth area
Beard J.S. *** with Librarian 1975 Vegetation Survey of Western Australia:  Nullarbor (sheet 4)
Beard J.S. *** with Librarian 1976 Vegetation Survey of Western Australia:  Murchison (sheet 6)
Beard J.S. *** with Librarian 1981 Vegetation Survey of Western Australia:  Swan (sheet 7)
Beniston N.W.   1984 Fleurs D'Algerie (Flowers of Algeria)
Bennet E.M. & Dundas P.J.   1988 Bushland Plants of Kings Park
Bernhardt P. & Burns-Balogh P.   1985 Floral Mimesis in Theylmitra nada. (Orchidaceae)
Bishop, Tony   1996 Orchids of N.S.W. & Victoria
Brockman G.   2005 Draft Review of 12 WA Paracaleana species & 1 hybrid
Brown A. & others unsigned     32 sketches of W.A. Native Orchids
Burns-Balogh P.   1989 Reference Guide to orchidology
Butler, Karl Peter   1996 Orchideen
Cady L. & Rotherham E.R.     1970 Australian Orchids in Colour
Carr G.W. - Bates R. -Orchid society of W.A.     Caladenia calcicola - Taxonomy Microtis -12th Australian Orchid Conference
Chemistry in Australia   2010 Orchids and  Chemical Trickery
Clements M. & Cribb P.     The Underground Orchids of Australia
Clements M.A.   1982 Preliminary Checklist of Australain Orchidaceae
Clements M.A.   (Aust. Orchid Foundation) *** with Librarian 1989 Catalogue of Australian Orchidaceae
Clements M.A. & George A.S.   1980 Report of the A.O.F. Expedition to SE Region W.A. August 1980
Clements M.A. (Australian Orchid Foundation)   1989 Catalogue of Australian Orchidaceae
Clyne D.   1970 Australian Gound Orchids
Clyne D.   1972 Australian Rock and Tree Orchids
Collins M.  & Dixon K., Bates R., Clarke N. (Ed)   var' Propagation of  Diuris longifolia - Aridland Microtis -Caladenea cristata
Danesch D.   1977 Tyroler Orchideen (Tyrolean Orchids)
Delforge P.   2005 Orchids of Europe, North Africa & the Middle East
Department of Agriculture WA   1971 Nuytsia, Vol 1 #2
Department of Agriculture WA   1978 Nuytsia, Vol 2 #4
Department of Agriculture WA   1978 Nuytsia, Vol 1 #5
Department of Conservation & Land Management W.A.   1990 Nature Conservation, Landscape & Recreation Mt Leseur Area
Department of Conservation & Land Management W.A.     Rare Western Australian Plants
Dieback Working Group   2008 Managing Phytophora Dieback in Bushland
Dixon K.W. &  Buirchell B.J. *** with Librarian   Orchids of Western Australia : Cultivation and Natural History 
Dixon K.W.& Pate   1984 Biology & Distribution of Rhizanthella gardnerii
Dixon K.W., Buirchell B.J., & Collins M.T. *** with Librarian 1989 Orchids of Western Australia : Cultivation and Natural History (2nd Edition)
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Dockrill A.W.   1969 Australian Indigenous Orchids
Environmental Protection Authority   1977 Guidelines for Environmental Policy, Coastal Zone of WA
Environmental Protection Authority (W.A.)   1981 The Darling System W.A. Proposals for Parks and Reserves
Erickson R.   1978 Orchids of the West
Eringa, Karel. (National Trust Reserve)   1998 Windows on the Past, windows on the Future
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Gordon Eric, G     The Distribution of Orchid Species in Australia
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Hoffman N. & Brown A.   2011 Orchids of South West Australia 3rd Edition (soft cover)
Hopper S.D. & Brown A.P.   2001 Nuytsia, Vol 13 #1&2 Early History & Review of Caladenia
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Hopper S.D. (Editor)   1983 Atlas of the Western Australian Flora (Orchidaceae)
Hopper S.D.,vanLeeuwen S, Brown A. &Patrick S.   1990 Western Australia's Endangered Flora
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Isaac-Williams M.L.   1988 Introduction to Orchids of South-East Asia
Jenkins C.F.H.   1980 National Parks of Western Australia
Jones D., Wapstra H., Tonelli P. & Harris S. *** with Librarian 1999 The Orchids of Tasmania
Jones D.L.   1980 Native Orchids of Australia
Jones D.L. & Clements M.A. (Aust. Orchid Foundation) *** with Librarian 2002 A Review of Pterostylis (Orchidaceae)
Jones D.L. & Jones B. *** with Librarian 2000 A Field Guide to the Native Orchids of Southern Australia
Jones D.L. (Aust. Orchid Foundation)   1991  New Taxa of  Australian Orchidaceae
Jones D.L. (Aust. Orchid Foundation) *** with Librarian 1998 Contributions to Tasmanian Orchidology 1-9
Karyagina M  (Editor)   2014 WANOSCG 2014  Celebrating 40 Years
Keenan P. E.   2005 Wild Orchids across North America
Keenan, Phillip E   1998 Wild Orchids across North America
Keighery & Keighery     Floristics of Reserves & Bushland of the Perth Region
Kerr R.   1986 Orchids in Australia
Kings Park   1985 Kings Park Native Plant Annual
Landwehr J.   1977 Wild Orchids of Europe Volume 1
Landwehr J.   1977 Wild Orchids of Europe Volume 2
Lane P. *** with Librarian 2007 Geology of Western Australia's National Parks geology for everyone (2nd Edition)
Lavarack P.S.   1980 Orchids of the Mcllwraith Range
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Moon, R & V.   1997 Discover Australian National Parks
Murdoch University   1988 Australian Orchids Workshop
Nicholls W.D. *** with Librarian 1950 Orchids of Australia ( Not for loan without minuted approval)
NOSSA Conservation Group S.A.   1996 NOSSA Conservation Forum - Speaker's presentations
Orchid Club of South Australia   1987 Modern Orchid Growing for Pleasure and Profit
OSWA   1991 Proceedings from 12th Australian orchid Conference (Perth 1991)
Owen Sound Field Naturalists *** with Librarian 2002 A guide to the Orchids of Bruce and  Grey Counties, Ontario
Patrick S.J. & Hopper S.D.   1982 The gazetted Rare Flora of W.A. (Suppl. 1, Repor #51)
Pelloe E.   1930 West Australian Orchids
Pieronu M.     Discovering Wildflowers of W.A.
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Rentoul J.N.   1991 Growing Orchids - The Hybrid Story
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Richards H., Wootton R,. & Datodi R.   1988 Cultivation of Australian Native Orchids  (2nd Edition)
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Townsville Orchid Society   1986 21st Annual Conference
Valles V. & Valles-Lombard A.   1988 Orchids of Tunisia
van Leeuwen S.   1989 Orchid Flora on Winter wet Areas of the Gnangara Mound
Variuos sources   1969 Nature Walkabout, American Orchid Society Bulletin, Australian Orchid Review
Variuos sources   1969 Proceedings of the 2nd European Orchid Congress
Vear K.   2004 Arresting Phytophora dieback
Voigt D.R. (Editor)     Orchids of the Mallee
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WA Parliament Fire Review Panel   1994 Review of CALMs Prescribed Burning & Wildfire Treat Analysis
Water Corporation   2009 Directions for our Water Future : Draft Plan
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Wheatbelt Orchid Rescue   2010 People and Plants -Friends of  Kings Park
Williams et al   1979 Orchids of Europe
Wilson, Annette *** with Librarian   28 sketches of W.A. Native Orchids
Winthrop P., Carty & Lee E.   1992 The Rhino Man
    1977 Fifth Australian Orchid Conference Perth W.A.




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